Billie Eilish – bad guy FULL BODY WORKOUT ROUTINE

Billie Eilish – bad guy FULL BODY WORKOUT! A choreographed full body workout with no equipment!
Verse pt.1: 1X Pushup 1X Pushup Hold
Verse pt. 2: 1 Leg In and Out Crunch
Chorus pt.1: Standing Knee to Elbow Crunch with Jump
Chorus pt.2: 4x Mt. Climbers 2x Plank Jacks
Verse pt.1: High Plank Knee Cross Overs (right leg)
Verse pt.2: High Plank Knee Cross Overs (leftleg)
Chorus pt.1: Standing Knee to Elbow Crunch with Jump
Chorus pt.2: 4x Mt. Climbers 2x Plank Jacks
Bridge: 1X Squat 1X Squat with Pulse
Outro: 2X Reverse Lunge 1X Squat
👉🏼THE MAT I USE (Exercise 6X4): (MADFIT10 for 10% off)

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46 Responses

  1. MadFit says:

    Woohooo! Who loves Billie?! This song made for an amazing full body routine! How'd you like it? Let me know down below! ❤️ FULL WORKOUT WRITTEN IN DESCRIPTION

  2. Sun Flower says:

    Why did I laugh at this-

  3. I'm the sweaty guy….


  4. Mark Fischer says:

    Better than the official video and highly motivating. 👍

  5. Cécile _25 says:

    Me eating chocolat: huum that's good

  6. Jay Dm says:

    I like how ur just chilling at the start 😂

  7. These are not regular 3 minutes dude. They feel like YEARS

  8. Marian Amina says:

    I love it! Thank youso much

  9. I tryed … I was like a fat potatoe without breath

  10. You got smacked with a ugly stick.

  11. I want to be able to like this more than once, it was so fun!

  12. Tata Titoto says:

    Wow!!! That’s great!

  13. who else planned to do this? but still laying on a bed.
    only me?

  14. Karolína Plíšková. 😉

  15. This was so aesthetically pleasing to watch. Every exercise went perfectly with each beat

  16. Billie eilish has to watch this

  17. Quarantine brought me to this

  18. Drocca Lagel says:

    …. 6 miles sprint does it for me.

  19. Megan Keily says:

    Who else was worried she was gonna kick that big ass plant over

  20. equator2010 says:

    I would love to see how you workout in tune with Onuka ‘S Zenit or Vidlik . Check out these hot songs !

  21. Mo Dern says:

    Girls with nice body are always UGLY..

  22. Day 1 of asking for cannibal corpse

  23. Peacemaker69 says:

    It's a way better and naturally go outside and do your training.. This is completly wrong. Because you will have a minimal benefits workout indoors…

  24. Gokhan Arli says:

    It is so clever. Thanks

  25. I ll start today..with this song!!and then with others programms from Madfit!and i hope i wiil continue for a month..if i do this i come for the results…##something to begin right now#!!

  26. Dohn Joe says:

    Do it naked and we'll buy your stuff.

  27. Gacha_D’or says:

    I’ll do it everyday

  28. G00ober says:

    I thought this type of content went into the category of "Fat Shaming"

  29. OMG that is actually so sick 😱✨❤️

  30. hi lol says:

    2:32 is wrong u gotta du pushups with Billie sitting on u

  31. These r like awesome like with d beat its like ur dancing while dying 😆

  32. Revanth says:

    You look like Lily from Sex Education TV show

  33. Omg I love those workouts it is so enjoyable to do them

  34. Hailey says:

    Ok but this was honestly so interesting

  35. i just ate a whole bag of choc chip cookies

  36. Lauren R says:

    Love this work out! Been doing it everyday cause it’s so fast I can always fit it in!

  37. nutelii :D says:

    Just image your friend plays this song and you started working out of the nowhere 😂 yeet

  38. Kelsi Moon says:

    That's looks do-able

    My fatass is panting so hard after that

  39. Nice workout! And i also like your interior and your shorts a lot ! (:

  40. Jaj Raw says:

    Guy are not bad but your own vagina do not stick with one man.

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