Six Pack Abs | Quick & Dirty Total Core Workout (No Equipment)

SIX PACK ABS at home workout for core strength. Try this at workout video for toning your tummy, defining abdominal muscles, and to focus on both the muffin top and love handles. This video done daily and paired with a clean diet guarantees results.

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25 Responses

  1. Remember to listen to your body and eat clean! If you pair this class with a clean diet and do it every day, the results on your both you mental and physical well being will be incredible. Always work out to feel great #1, then everything else that comes is all a bonus on top!!
    love and light.
    Juliana & Mark*

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  2. Anyone else doing this for their summer abs?

  3. I think you guys are reading my mind!! Every time I think “I would like to do this kind of class” I get a notification from this channel with exactly that class! Im getting my summer abs ready!!

  4. Tells how to end acne with tea Plz

  5. OMG what a great ab work out! My abs are burning. Love it!!!!!

  6. Lille Shaw says:

    So fun ♥️thanks a lot ♥️🌻

  7. Anita Hilaly says:

    Hi! I love your videos and have been consistently doing your full splits in 14 days video. I know you have a couple of splits video but I was wondering if you can make one specifically for middle splits? Thank you so much!

  8. Angel says:


  9. nado l says:

    Thank you very much! ♥️ I will try this tomorrow 😊

  10. Her significant other is one lucky bastard

  11. Gutted I can tell just from watching not I cannot take part in this one. Pelvic organ prolapse 🤦

  12. Challenging! Thanks my daughter and I did it together!

  13. Great routine! I always feel like I've done something right after going through a session with you. My abs and my pelvic muscles are the weakest part of my body right now. So, I am feeling hopeful about this workout. Thank you.

  14. Linda G. says:

    My neck is not strong enough to do these. Can I keep my head flat on the ground and would it be just as effective?

  15. Thank you,I want a six pack !!!

  16. raceylacey1 says:

    Amazing. Loved this. Got my heart rate up 🥰

  17. Awesome!❤Endorphins!

  18. This's going to be my challenge for tomorrow. Thanks!❤

  19. traichle says:

    I’m planting seeds. My back is feeling it. Need to keep my core strong! Thank you 💖

  20. wow. I was just about to do some yoga or exercises.and suddenly you're video popped up on your channel. anyways the exercises were very great and refreshing I feel very good after this video especially in my core. thanks a lot, appreciate you very much for all you're hard work, namaste.

  21. Sonja So says:

    Ok it is 9pm in Germany but I'll do it right now!!! Ohhh, and with exact same Yogamat in green :)))

  22. Simply watching this workout made my abs burn 🤪 definitely going to try this one. Thank you so much, Juliana😍

  23. Superb workout for abs but please explain where we have to breath in and out thanks 🙏

  24. Thank you so much for uploading so many new workouts these days- absolutely love it and enjoy every one of them! 💗 💕 ❤️

  25. Orion 911 says:

    Thanks for the work out!

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