Where to Start? 10 Minute Workout for Complete Beginners with Dani, Total Body Fitness At Home

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Where to Start? 10 Minute Workout for Complete Beginners with Dani, Total Body Fitness At Home

Get Fit Quick with Dani! This workout is great for complete beginners and includes 5 tips to help you get started on your fitnesss journey!

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Intense 10 Minute Total Body Workout! Tone & Tighten HIIT Fitness at Home

Get Fit Quick with Dani! Fat Burning HIIT Cardio Workout, Total Body Beginners Home Fitness

Fat Burning Full Body Workout with Dani, HIIT Intense Cardio, 20 Minute Fitness At Home, Beginners

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38 Responses

  1. jaq nah says:

    This vid is great!! So many “beginner” workouts aren’t for true beginners… I’m 27 and haven’t worked out since forced PE in high school hahaha

  2. Haley Dixon says:

    I loved this! As someone who has been wanting to start working out for some time now, and been trying to find something truly for beginners, I’m so happy I found this. There are too many workouts out there for “beginners,” but they’re really nothing what you’re prepared for, this is a great first step! Thank you

  3. Tried this and was glad to see that it's really for beginners – thank you!

  4. Suzie Dez says:

    unrelated to anything at all but I love your pants

  5. Ayesha Rubab says:

    I have got really weak bones can’t stand to do exercises

  6. Hi I just posts to say to be honest I find myself starting doing exercise for sometimes & then I stop for awhile & then find it hard to start back up. I think its because I love playing mobile games alot & then find myself wanting to go back at them at any point during the day or asap. I also love working at summer church camps too so I'm abit busy round those times etc.. So today I thank you for sharing this video so I can follow alog with you as a beginner with these simple exercises & I enjoy following along with you today. So I subscribe to your channel hoping to contiue these exercise probably not everyday but as much as possible/every other week or so etc.. Tafs .

  7. I was searching for a 10 minute workout for beginner's and this is the one I picked. THANK YOU…I'm definitely feeling it.

  8. Er Zane says:

    My obstacle is chronic pain and fatigue

  9. My main obstacles are

    1) Finding time or a space i cant be judged

    3) not being able to do sit ups

    4) figuring out how to do the exercise without injuring myself

  10. Lucia Suk says:

    She's so beautiful! and I like the way she lets us feel it's ok to be less perfect.

  11. Jackie Hill says:

    My obstacles are finding the time and arthritis in my knees n lower back…

  12. This workout was such a huge help! You really inspired me to just keep pushing every morning until I was able to go through the whole workout! Love your inspirational words, my health is currently an obstacle but I’ll get through it!

  13. Great starter. I have fallen off of fitness for a long time and become so out of shape, I'm clawing my way back. My biggest obstacle is depression 😣

  14. Avery Dillon says:

    Ow, this sucked, this will be my main video this month as I begin attempting fitness thanks for explaining well

  15. Please can you explain what abs and core and oblique is? I’m baffled and I haven’t even started.

  16. My biggest obstacle is finding a good balance between doing too much and doing just enough

  17. My biggest obstacle … Being super unhealthy and not being able to keep up. Losing motivation super easily.

  18. My obstacle is my cat grabbing my legs every time I do the leg pulses 😂😂

  19. Nijii says:

    I have a question can i do a full body work out (11 mins)and do an hourglass figure workout(10 mins) after? Im 13 almost 14 im kinda underweight

  20. Dollfox says:

    2 minutes and 46 seconds in and my elbows hurt lmaoooo
    thank you for this video ; w;

  21. M Woods says:

    1. I always feel like my form is off.
    2. Since I have 5 kids,I have bladder leakage problems.
    3. How can I tell how long I should exercise? Until I am completely worn out, until I feel a burn, or just 10/15 min??

  22. Sister Rose says:

    My biggest obstacles were: having Spina Bifida and Scoliosis, until I found many Seated Workouts, on YouTube. But now? I HAVE NONE!

  23. Erinti says:

    My obstacles:
    1. lack of balance
    2. time to get moves and being slow
    3. continue

  24. Katina Kat says:

    This is exactly what I needed thank you!

  25. my biggest obstacle is i cant do proper moves alone 🙁

  26. i never excersis but i think i need it now. doing 2 sets every morning everyday. after sometimes , maybe i will do 4.

    edit : thank u for the video.

  27. Kuke Kapahua says:

    This is good work out everyone who is a beginner should do this

  28. Kev Wills says:

    She’s entising:) love how we can start without a bunch of gadgets .

  29. My obstacles are
    Broken tailbone

  30. my biggest obstacle is knowing im not going to reach my fitness goals overnight and accepting that i need to start gradually

  31. Kaylie Hunt says:


  32. Has anyone done this for 30 days? I'm interested in starting a morning routine and wanted some tips or pointers

  33. My biggest obstacle is accepting that I’m not going to lose the weight over night

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