how to LOSE WEIGHT FAST (AT HOME) workout and diet plan

Hey guys! So many people ask me what I did to lose weight so I figured I would just make a clear plan that’s easy to follow so you don’t have to keep going through different things to find what works. This is something you can easily jump right into and see results quickly. I ended up having to film this 3 times cuz im stupid lol so if you could give it a thumbs up I appreciate it! I hope you guys follow this and are happy with the results!

series videos (workouts)
pt 1 (fullbody) –
pt 2 (abs) –
pt 3 (arms/legs) –
pt 4 (back) –
pt 5 (arms) –

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My socials
Instagram: @rosiegraham_
Twitter: @rosegraham_
Tik Tok: @rosiegraham_

Schedule (i’ll link each vid when I post)
Sunday – Full body
Monday – Abs
Tuesday – Arms and legs
Wednesday – Full body
Thursday – Abs and back
Friday – Abs and arms


Diet so you can screenshot

Breakfast – scrambled egg whites, yogurt + granola, toast w/ pb or banana, avocado, fruit, smoothies
Lunch – salad, egg salad/ tuna salad/ chicken salad, veggie sandwiches/wraps, side of fruit or vegetable
Dinner – look up any recipe, vegetable pasta, rice + beans/grilled vegetables, grilled chicken over rice
Snacks – fruit, vegetables (celery, broccoli, peppers), granola, crackers, peanuts/almonds/walnuts, unbuttered/unsalted popcorn

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36 Responses

  1. Ggh FHb says:

    i don’t know what to do, and i hope someone here could give me advice. (TRIGGER WARNING! ⚠️ )

    i’ve been on and off of “diets” for a year. and i was happy because i have lost a lot of weight! but lately i’ve caught myself thinking “i can’t wait until college so i can starve myself” (right now i’m a 8th grader) (that way my parents won’t see me or whatever?) I feel like it isn’t a big enough problem to talk to my parents about it.. but i could be wrong? THANK YOU IN ADVANCE

  2. Taradise34 says:

    I chuckled when you said Kim K… 😂😂😂

  3. Jiminshimybb says:

    You know what I’m starting today, writing everything down. Hope I can get that body in 2 months


  4. Emma Moo says:

    Me during breakfast: c OO kIe

  5. Hala Younes says:

    a really tasty snack for me is frozen grapes, they are really nice and sweet and have helped me stop eating as much chocolate

  6. Nasa Torrez says:

    Does doing jumping Jack's help lose weight?

  7. Edith Molina says:

    How many calories should we eat a day?

  8. I lost 8 pounds within the first two weeks of using this product . I didn’t change my diet at all or work out. It definitely curbs your appetite yet doesn’t make you feel jittery.

  9. I lost 67 lbs in 4 months. I got prescribed adderall due to my mental illness. I had no idea what it was I just took it and I literally couldn’t eat 😭

  10. Maisy K says:

    You have saved my life literally

  11. thank u . so much . i’m gonna cry . this is like exactly what i wanted like a plan made out for me that DOESNT cost money and is realistic. i’m gonna start this and update every week

  12. Chloe Bowman says:

    Could you use wraps instead of bread for sandwiches?

  13. abigail. says:

    ok I’m forcing myself to hold myself accountable! so… tracking weight, cals, workouts, etc. here! 😀
    also… i’m drinking like half a gallon of water every day + making sure my cals r around 1,000-1,400 per day + potentially going on an hr long walk (so ~2 miles) every day.
    day 01 (MAY 5TH 2020) :::
    workout — tuesday so arms, legs, + butt.
    cals 808.
    water 1/2 gallon.
    walk 1 hr (about to do!).
    weight is 183.

  14. Mitsuki says:

    I need motivation:
    1 like = 1 day of exercise

    I hope this actually works XD

  15. Lexie Rudd says:

    Who else is 12 and wanna ft me so I can stay motivated because my family will make fun of me if they know I’m doing this , I’ve been call fat a lot of times so I think it’s time to change

  16. Penguin says:

    Ah yes.. This is the stuff

  17. Hiqqup says:

    I’m 5’4 and 130 lbs, and I’m wanting to loose like 10-15 pounds and tone up. 🙂

  18. Chiyuaa says:

    how are you so toned? i’m not fat i just hate carrying around slightly more maybe an extra 2 pounds? i want to look good for me

  19. Lily Assefa says:

    Accountability partners?

  20. Im really insecure about my body and I've tried loosing weight multiple times but end up giving up. And what makes it even worse someone always points out my weight ;(

  21. Bruna Castro says:

    I was doing so well, then lockdown happened and we can’t go to the gym or work. It’s messed up my whole routine

  22. did u do any sort of cardio w each workout like walking or running or did u lose the 50lbs just doing ur schedule??

  23. Emily Ayres says:

    If u were to do this can u consume alcohol?

  24. Kayla Ho says:

    this really motivated me

  25. H B says:

    how long did it take you?

  26. emmahalt says:

    You literally wrote in the title how to lose weight without dieting and workou. And then give us a meal plan and work out plan how dafuq does that make sense?

  27. Girl I can relate to this video so much I cannot 😫❤️ ty for this video i needed it

  28. Why would u even want kim’s body 🤣😭no mam

  29. Don’t starve yourself just eat healthy.

  30. I’m 5’1 and my goal weight is 110-115 currently I am 164 and I’ve lost 17 pounds.

  31. Last year I actually went on a weight loss journey and lost a bit over 10 kilos or 22 pounds (my goal was to lose 20 kilos). My weight loss really started to slow down and I got a bit discouraged, but still was being consistent. Everything fell apart when I went on holiday and gained a few kilos. I just lost my motivation. Over the course of one year, my weight fluctuated. There were periods where I binged, then I’d cut back and exercise for only a few weeks, and binged again. It was and still is a viscous cycle, and I’m struggling with getting back on track with my goal. I hate the way I don’t have any confidence. I hate how I feel. And I want to change so bad, but right now it’s really hard. I’d appreciate if anyone could give me some advice.

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  33. Izzay Busay says:

    How can I do this with my dad making koolaid and fried chicken like excuse me help

  34. Nikole Halo says:

    So she said no red meat.
    But my iron is really low, like to my health is on the line low.
    So I have to eat red meat to bring it back up.

  35. Finally someone with my EXACT body. I was ALSO 170lbs when I started and I’m 5’8! I got down to about 134 at some point and was really happy at that weight and now this virus has me bored eating so I gotta lose a little again 😩

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