30 Minute WALKING with WEIGHTS Workout for Women over 50 ⚡️ Pahla B Fitness

ALL levels | ALL standing, NO jumping | light DUMBBELLS | BURN 250 – 275 calories | PUSH day | INCLUDES warm up + cool down

We’re WALKING with WEIGHTS today, and this workout is a sweaty one! Alternating intervals of LOW IMPACT cardio toning exercises and WALKING or marching in place will help you tone up your arms and upper body while challenging your heart and lungs.

I’m demonstrating this workout as a PUSH day, but you can moderate or modify as needed, with lots of on-screen instructions.

Learn how to make this workout work for YOUR goal (weight loss or body-shaping)! Download my free 5-page information resource here: https://pahlabfitness.com/make-your-workout-work/

FUN cardio toning workouts like this one have a place in any workout routine, because they’re great for:

👉 Improving your endurance
👉 Toning your muscles
👉 Increasing your bone density, and
👉 Helping you stay consistent with exercise

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Interval timer is set for 20 seconds of cardio toning and 10 seconds of walking; repeat each exercise for four intervals before moving on to the next


Triceps Curldowns
Half Jacks
Toy Soldiers
Can Cans
Push Push Crunch
Disco Dancers
Middle Skips
Ding Dongs
Kick Jacks
Wide Open Side Kicks
Forward Hinge Arm Flappers
Letter Ks
FINISHER (complete two intervals on each side):
Flying Fast Ups


😅 EXTENDED COOL DOWN: https://youtu.be/V2CTHi7R6Pc

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38 Responses

  1. Hey Pahla! Can you make a level 4/5 trampoline workout? Trampolining is super gentle on my joints but at the same time gets my heart rate super high! I did all of your trampoline workouts and I feel more toned than ever.

  2. Definitely a push day but what a workout. Thank you😅

  3. I saw Agatha's face in the background

  4. Great but challenging workout…. we did a few 5s and I was not sure I was going to make it but you talked me through it. Thanks again for keeping us moving. So glad I found you and your channel!

  5. Traci F says:

    I did this workout after a toning workout because I wanted some cardio. I'm glad I did because it was tough yet somehow Pahla made the time go so fast. Her motivational words, insight and advice for keeping the exercises safe always help the time to fly by. Thanks again, Pahla!!!

  6. Marilyn P says:

    Wow! Here's to no more exercise guilt. Replacing that with giving my body what it needs to be healthy each day. Thank you, Pahla, for encouraging us to listen to our bodies.

  7. Emma Baird says:

    Woooooo… doggies. That was tough. But excellent as always, Pahla.

  8. Just wanted to say thanks for so many great workouts. I am in my middle 40s but have a knee injury and struggled finding great workouts that are knee friendly so I really appreciate all that you do. I am truly grateful for your videos as they are keeping me motivated to stay on track.

  9. violet v says:

    Thanks teacher. it's my push day and i could do most of the workout other then few of them with arms above head in a fast motion, that triggers my heart too much…

  10. Jill Oliver says:

    Okay I did this yesterday and woo doggie, my arms are screaming today! But I did a cardio video today to take out the soreness! This workout was awesome!

  11. DanielleinDC says:

    Oh, boy, that kicked my butt. I had to put my weights down for the toy soldiers and after the letter K/backwards K (which you did do five times!)

  12. Ooo… this was GOOD! Did this moderate today (heavy lifting yesterday), and WOW…I was burning at the end! Can't wait to try this as push day next time! Thank you, Pahla! 😃OXOX–Tracy ( @simplegiftpictured on IG)

  13. We enjoy your videos very much! Great content.

  14. Paula Filius says:

    😱 that’s was tough lol

  15. Did this during my lunch break (working at home now). Perfect!

  16. Terry Y says:

    Even though I took this one as MODERATE today, it was definitely a challenge to keep it moderate. Had to drop the weights several times, but this was an absolute winner of a workout! Thanks Pahla!

  17. Will definitely do this tomorrow as part of my weights day routine. Thank you.

  18. You literally talked me through this one lol loved it😍

  19. Oh my God, I couldn't even do it with 1 kg (2.2 lb) dumbells. I had to do with hands free.

  20. Gina Palha says:

    Pahla, you are crazy! I am sweating my pants off! Thank you for your amazingness!!!

  21. rdadey1 says:

    Thank you Pahla, that was awesome!!

  22. Jackie O says:

    This workout was very challenging without weights!

  23. GodsChild says:

    Thanks Pahla 😁

  24. andy bunn says:

    Nice workout for this 73 year body ….been doing great all week with your videos ….with this Quarantine gained 8lbs…got to stop…especially with summer coming….tfs 👍👍🤗💕💕🌼🌼

  25. Tomorrow my 9 days workout, after that I will do this, Thanks Pahla B🥰

  26. Pam Spencer says:

    Sneaky sneaky sneaky. This was, by the end, high heart rate for sure! Can anyone say cumulative effect? 😉😱

  27. Great push day! I smacked my thumb on the 4th. round of arm flappers😣

  28. cm rich says:

    this was a BIG sweaty push! and how many times we did 5 instead of 4! hahaha I do love working out with you, Pahla, today was hard (but great) and 3# weights ended up feeling like 10 by the end. Thanks…i think.

  29. You motivated so much I'm going to get up and do this! I really needed something different….and, this is it. Thank you SO much!!!!

  30. My goodness. This was amazing. Incredible motivation. You have become a daily topic in my home and amongst my friends. I feel so great. Thank you!

  31. Stacy Lamb says:

    Wow that was great. I did this after my wake up stretches. Even though I was moderate it felt more intense then what I have done before. I am really changing things up. Tomorrow is my run walk day. Saturday is my nature hike and I will do one of your workouts in the AM. I got super sweaty . Yaaaaay

  32. Tina Romanic says:

    I have added it to my schedule for today!😊

  33. Tara Foxx says:

    Phew! 💦 Thanks for the motivation to stick with it!

  34. Awww! I didn’t know you had a fur baby dog. How cute!

  35. want to be buddies? io1v

  36. Maria V says:

    Nice will do this soon

  37. This will be my workout 💪 for tommorow

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