V cut abs workout/ Best exercises for lower abs/ Intense abs workout routine/ (No equipment needed)

Hello guys, this video has being translated voice on top of video as the original video was made in Spanish, but some of you has requested English version, so I did the best to share with you. I hope you like it and give it a try. This are the top 10 favourite exercises for lower abs. Please subscribe, give me a like, and activate the bell 🔔 for new videos. Thank you all for watching ♥️

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37 Responses

  1. Qaisar Amin says:

    You are simply awesome.
    Like English version.
    Just loved you after watching your first video.
    Will you……..😋

  2. It's a lower ab annhilator lol..the most intense lower ab routine. Plus I've also build alot of leg muscles doing this. Doing a great job vivi, if u just cover that body up a bit you will have even more followers.

  3. Red Rock says:

    Please do it in English

  4. It looks too easy while watching lol! She is so flawless how easy it’s lookalike, love video

  5. I find it hard to do the 3rd exercise cos ma upper body keeps on moving what's the trick of minting ur body attached to the ground

  6. Kola Alade says:

    Yay, vivi is speaking English ♥️ it.

  7. Kyle Jones says:

    Good work outs English please

  8. Sath Sah says:

    v cut? – i don't see that

  9. This is AWESOME. And not time consuming. I will be incorporating this routine into my workout. Thank You💪

  10. Godly Child says:

    Loved this! New subscriber! Muchisimas gracias por los exercicios!

  11. Weight loss tablets made in UK. Search (high strength fat burners) on Amazon it's really helped me alongside my belly fat loss

  12. trixsta54 says:

    So glad I found this channel and you!❤ Love this video so much and look forward to more in English please! Can you do some leg videos too please🙏You have dancer's feet! Noticed your pointe from one dance to another😁Keep up the awesome work! I will subscribe💙💜🧡

  13. Thank you for the English version! Your muscles are so lean and absolutely…BEAUTIFUL!!!😊 Very feminine and an absolute goal of mine. By the way, what products do you use on your hair? Looks moisturized and bouncy. Thank you again💓

  14. Eve Dropka says:

    WHY is it always the skinny girls showing these exercises. Seriously

  15. Hard Techno says:

    Vivi your just too Sexy Thanks Love you !!🗼🎁🌹🍀🐳🐼🐰🐧💎🐻💓💋Fantástica

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  17. Notey Note says:

    no idea how you get you legs vertically straight pointing to the ceiling. I'm sure you use to be a gymnastic.

  18. Yes yes yes more english thanks

  19. Thank you for the English version 😘
    I wAnt to learn Spanish such a Gorgeous language .

  20. Thanks for sharing!
    Will be sharing MOVEs with my clientele. Gracias!

  21. Kamakia K says:

    I just found your channel and would love to see more

  22. Alan Blazek says:

    Nice workout, thanks

  23. I be trying to get abs six pack 👍🏽

  24. yes! I just found your channel, would love to have more of your workouts translated to English!! They look Awesome!

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