Absolute Beginners HIIT Workout | The Body Coach | Joe Wicks

If you’re new to HIIT workouts and looking for something to get you started, this workout is just for you.

I hope you enjoy. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

4 rounds | 5 exercises | 30 seconds work | 30 seconds rest

Marching High Knees
10 Straight Punches then Shuffle
Squats with Floor Touch
High Knee Shoulder Press
Power Knees (15 seconds on each leg)

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41 Responses

  1. I'm a beginner to HIIT and I thoroughly enjoyed this workout session. I'll be adding this workout to my regular exercise routine! 👌👏🙏

  2. Jo Carter says:

    Love the workout joe keep it up!

  3. As a starter this was incredibly hard for me, even thought it should be suitable for a 17-year-old, but it killed me. And I actually enjoyed it. Btw I am now tomato red😂

  4. Was looking for a hiit workout and this was the first one that came up! I do follow you on Instagram, but I’ve never had the motivation to get my butt in gear and start exercising! I’ve put on nearly 4 stone from having my daughter two years ago! I’ve had knee issues due to my weight, which in turn has affected my mental health (suffer with anxiety and depression). After this workout I feel tired, I’m sweating and I’m actually happy! My shoulders are burning! And I’ll feel it tomorrow! 🙂 but thank you for making it easy to follow!

  5. Cam Hefter says:

    First time doing this workout to try and get a bit fitter. Loved it!

  6. what's the next video to do after this one?

  7. mu bArk says:

    We dont care if you here because of quarantine just shut up

  8. Well that's confusing. It would be better if you tell the viewer when you're starting the reps so we can synchronise. I didn't know when the 30seconds actually started so ended up behind. Frustrating.

  9. Tracy Walker says:

    Has anyone done this workout in the early stages of pregnancy?

  10. Ielaaia Wind says:

    Why looking at the door all the time? I want 100% attention!

  11. Gavin Weston says:

    Have been doing this daily since lock down, lost 5 kilos, put a few lbs of muscle on too… Unfortunately I'm struggling to progress, but it's doing the trick so happy days.

  12. We might aswell put the answers from school work here🤧

  13. Mahue Wi says:

    Damn this workout feels good

  14. This is NOT for beginners

  15. Stephen Holt says:

    Finally found one I can finish…

  16. Sarah Sarah says:

    Thank you for this video. I let myself go and I am out of shape. I did it day #1 of being back to taking care of my body. Now hydrate and eat healthy breakfast 🍳

  17. Dennis Smith says:

    Starting here on the recommendation of a friend. Knee replacement last year and have never been able to make myself stick it out. Just finished my 3rd round of this workout (this week). Still hard, but easier than the first time. I'm determined to make this one stick. Not going back to where I was….too many years left and need to be around to watch my grandkids grow up. Thank you Joe

  18. Is it better to put 100% effort in and only complete 2/4 rds or to go at a reduced effort to complete the entire circuit?

  19. I enjoy basketball and also playing with my brother is the best. Having said that, I noticed that he can jump higher than me. I looked all over the internet and nothing worked well. Finally, I found this vertical jump method "Jumοnοz Azb" (G0OGLE it). My jump has enhanced a lot ever since I started the program. .

  20. NorrieRugger says:

    So; what would be the best follow on video, from this one?

  21. Serel Alaris says:

    Thank you for this video. Most beginner workouts are still too hard for me and I feel like a total failure afterwards, but this I could do and I feel great and motivated. The explanations were really helpful and motivating too. Thank you.

  22. Maou says:

    it kills me but i love it, thanks 🙂

  23. This is call ‘real beginner ‘ 🤗I really enjoyed this and work out to the end 😊😊

  24. Dave Roberts says:


  25. AmbiBambi38 says:

    How should I calculate calories burnt?

  26. Finally a hit training video that my special needs teenager can do. She really wants to get into better shape and seems like most of the work out videos are too complicated for her. Thank you for posting this great video.

  27. bella arden says:

    Any idea how many calories are burnt during this?

  28. Robchuckle says:

    Thanks for the workout videos my topman! 100% 🙂

  29. Beki Milton says:

    Loving this one !! 🙂

  30. Sunny mufc says:

    Great stuff. Well explained and easy to follow

  31. Unknown Bhav says:

    I paused the video to give him a break 🙈🙊

  32. Renuka Rani says:

    Thanks Joe – this is the perfect beginner for me – want to lose 10 kilos – started off my doing my favourite hobby of walk in the park & went straight into this in the lounge – I love the way it does feel personal & empathetic (ie you feel the strain too 😂)

  33. James Sharpe says:

    Don't know if Im getting any fitter, but since my gym was closed this is helping to keep my mental health in check.

  34. Can someone help me plz? Which beginner's HIIT video of his is better? This one, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-3D4oCEt0RQ&t=2s that one, or https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q20pLhdoEoY this one? Thanks in advance!:(

  35. I’m going to do this everyday.

    DAY ONE: only got up the 1st round and felt like throwing up. I’m not fit.

    Day two: after math not so bad, I think my body can adapt to thing quickly if I really try. I’m starting to lose balance at the stretching knee ones, where you slap your knee and stretch. I can’t keep my ground, hopefully I’ll be able to get to that. I’ve gotten half way through the video. I think if I really try maybe be able to get the whole video done. But for now, maybe for the rest of the day, I’m going to practice the first two rounds and try my best. My liver sore, I’m going for a shower.

    And a nap.

    Day tres: today was easier on the first two, when I ventured into the third one, gave up that the second last move. I still can’t do that last one.

    Day three part b: did it again because I didn’t really try as much as day two and one. It’s 00:30 and I’m dead. But I did it! I pulled through and finished part three. JEEESSUS! I did not think in quarantine I would be working out! I tried something different I gave my all at the start then slowed down from there, at some points I did that exact speed as part one! The punches are easy, tense my arms, stretch the whole way and I’d get like one more than the guy in the video. OH a tip if you are going to do this and reading this comment, you don’t need to go at the same speed of the video! Do it at your own pace and try to speed up for every part.

    Okay I might do part four, I’ve got nothing else to do.

    DONE I DID IT! It was actually really easy, it only took me around a Minute ima kept practicing this workout then try the beginners one.

  36. Thanks Joe I managed all the rounds somehow. Cant wait to work through your videos

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