Post workout nutrition is very important when it comes to putting on quality muscle mass! Throughout the video I take you through a couple of important tips to make your time worth while.

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24 Responses

  1. Joe Simpson says:

    Hi man great video so I’m new to the diets so meal one be like protein oats with fruit , protein shake with carbs , white rice / potato or sweet potato with lean protein , then two meals of red meat or high fat fish veggies with some fat source then a pre bed Greek yoghurt with flaxseeds and berries does that sound about right ? Should this look the same on non workout days bar the shake?

  2. nickrunaway2 says:

    carbs have no impact on the rate of protein synthesis after a workout lol

  3. Studies have shown that there is absolutely no need for carbohydrates to achieve the same amount of protein synthesis. Theres actually no need for carbs, period. You dont even need to eat right after workout, youve got a good 6-8 hours before theres the slightest negative effect to it. There is no negative effect to.consuming healthy fats right after a workout and absolutely 0 necessity to consuming quick carbs right after your workout

  4. brad brad says:

    His pecs so delicious

  5. Tommy Wiseau says:

    Woah you look amazing, not freaky but just great. You look like you've lost a little bit of size from the quarantine but your shape stayed just fine brother!

  6. New sub. Thank you for the video!!

  7. King Chicken says:

    Can't even afford protein powder..lol my budget sucks

  8. Omed Zaheri says:

    Love you brother learn a lot of things from you

  9. Am glad to come across your video ,i have learnt a lot from u as a beginner Tanx

  10. Are you from bosnia or kosovo???

  11. Sorry, Sadik! I Enjoy prettu much your content, but… a study by Tsintzas et al. found no anabolic resistance by consuming fats and proteins together during a post exercise muscle protein synthesis. https://journals.physiology.org/doi/abs/10.1152/ajpendo.00344.2019

  12. pops1 pops1 says:

    Fat actually buffer insulin so you dont put on weight

  13. pops1 pops1 says:

    Aren't you spiking insulin which prevents growth hormones

  14. Sadikão Nosso Brother!!

  15. Yeah sadik fat slow down degestion, but even veggies does that too, veggies are high in fibers so put them away in the post workout meal
    For me personely i go for chicken and rice☝️

  16. Those tities shaking took my attention away😂😂😂

  17. RickyG Killa says:

    Since im cutting I can’t eat carbs after workout cause i eat around 100g carbs before workout itself. 190 daily

  18. Faruk says:

    My brother says we look alike in the face.

  19. Bro at the end of the day you’re still drinking sink water 🤦🏼‍♂️

  20. M159 Adrian says:

    I'm pretty sure studies show nutrition timing has little to no impact?

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