Belly Dance Cardio Workout for Weight Loss: Leilah Isaac

Belly Dance Cardio Workout for Weight Loss with Leilah Isaac is a sultry 10 minute belly dance fat burn routine that features flowing, total body-toning steps to blast away calories, challenge the core and work multiple muscles simultaneously for a top to bottom makeover. Get your sexy on as you swing your hips side to side on the dance floor with Actress, Dancer & Fitness Expert, Leilah Isaac as she coaches you through this effective fitness routine from the new season of the popular BeFiT Trainer Open House Series! Shake and shimmy off the pounds as you fire up the abs & obliques and sculpt lean definition in the shoulders, hips, thighs, legs, glutes chest and arms with result driven moves like oblique stretches, shimmies, hip circles, hamstring stretches, shoulder rolls, hand stretches, arm waves, pistol drops, mayas, side steps, snake arm squats and more in this effective full body dance routine. Take this workout with you anywhere for a quick, core-strengthening tune-up and make the moves your own. You will need a towel and a bottle of water to complete this fierce workout that is great for all skill levels. Move your body to the beat and get the results you are looking for with BeFiT. Click here for workouts from your favorite trainers:

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49 Responses

  1. I hear whoosing noise when I squeeze like that in the first move. Is it the diaphragm? There should be some research for back pain and breathing issues with this dancing.

  2. Got cramp all over my belly

  3. Us and Them says:

    If I didn’t already know how to belly dance, I still wouldn’t know after watching this video.

  4. Better than sit ups.
    Sit ups suck.

  5. Wow she's terrific belly dancer…I also wanna be fit n dance like her ….I want it badly

  6. Owen Melmag says:

    I'm watching eating icecream! 😂

  7. LOVE THE WAY YOU INSTRUCT! And the examples that help the moves, “letting the beach ball fly away”. This was so much fun. Adding to my routine! THANKS!!!

  8. Enas Hilal says:

    U should reconsider ur choice of the music. This is a bet noisy. The tips are amazing but couldn’t finish the video because of the noisy music 😔

  9. Did anyone do this constantly and lose belly fat or…? Just really wanna know because I want to try it because it’s fun but it’s just for my tummy to flatten

  10. Anne Li says:

    Your channel is amazing!!!

  11. FE says:

    Thank you for sharing!!! Great JOB!!!

  12. I try to do this. 🤗

  13. If you don't bend your knees you will be good for nothing from the very first minute while practicing this routine. Damage to your disc guarantee

  14. moormieze says:

    I am not doing this atm but it STRESSES ME omg. xD

  15. Jackie says:

    Ok but why do I look like squidward wiggling my arms

  16. So many congratulation to BeFit (Leilah Isaac) for keeping a wonderful, 10 minute, Bellydance Cardio fitness workout for Weight loss – Calories Burn for each and every Belly Dancers and graceful Dynamic 10 minute Ballydance Cardio Fitness workout excersize creativity and super workout and highly impressive thrillings and nice body moves and so amazing body language in this super 10 minute, Bellydance Cardio Fitness Tutorial workout Demo and always the almighty God bless you for your bright future and achieve a lots of glorious successes with my all well wishes.

  17. high life says:

    I always want to be a belly dancer but I'm too damn stiff

  18. I really like the clear instructions. However, I wish the camera people watched her once before they cut her off in the video. The editing is bad. I’d rather just one long shot.

  19. Thanks information,looks good

  20. Kat Gon says:

    I LOVE Leiliah! She is so energetic and makes belly dancing fun!!!

  21. Fantastic belly dance/abs workout – Thank you so much Leilah for your beautiful energy and generosity with these complimentary YT videos!

  22. I loved it, thank you for the class and inspiration 💃🇨🇷

  23. When you do belly dancing you feel so beautiful and sexy as a woman)

  24. You have no idea how amazing you are!! Not only you are an incredible teacher but great inspiration too.. thanks a ton

  25. After I had seen this weight loss program “Yamzoko Weebly” making use of Google, I felt thrilled to check it out promptly. This has provided me enjoyment. I suggest you to Google this strategy too. My buddy has losed 10 lbs by now because of this fat loss plan. .

  26. I loved it, it make it easier for me to learn it BIG THANK YOU

  27. Joelle Fay says:

    Is it just me but my back kills when doing this

  28. I love belly dance work out !

  29. nauni says:

    I tried the single arm toning.
    and my arm kept cracking.

  30. Ale Najarro says:

    Currently hiding in my bedroom following this

  31. Very good best explanation

  32. 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

  33. Девка а где груди ?

  34. the only class i really enjoyed practicing so far <3

  35. Me doing this at 2 am.
    My stalker: what the heck… is she okay?

  36. Quarantine buddies where y’all at

  37. Jes B says:

    She has no waist, oh and no hips too!!!!! Dance teacher is not your best talent if you have one sweetie!!!!!👎👎👎👎👎🤨🤨🤨

  38. …"especially in your thighs" as she hold her hands at her waist….

  39. kcl060 says:

    This was great! Love it!

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