30-Minute Hip-Hop Tabata to Torch Calories

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Dance away calories with this hip-hop Tabata from Keaira LaShae. Tuck jumps have never been so fun.

You can purchase Keaira’s at-home workout videos: https://teamlashae.myshopify.com/

For more from Keaira, visit her on:
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/superherofitnesstv
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OfficialKeairaLaShae/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/keairalashae/

On Keaira: Seven ‘Til Midnight top, Adidas tights, and Nike shoes
On Anna: Onzie top and Yoga Design Lab tights
On Kaycee: Spiritual Gangster top, Yoga Design Lab tights, and APL shoes

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36 Responses

  1. Thank you for this video! I needed this workout. I was watching the same ones from another workout person and was feeling like quitting. I wondered if i was bored and found your video! I had the best time!!! Great workout to feel free and fun.

  2. Emma Ross says:


    කිහිපයකට පසු වෛද්යවරයා හිල්

  3. Emily Liu says:

    All of the ladies have d
    Fat thighs

  4. Itz Liz says:

    I've tried working out but never found one I like. Ive tried Chloe Ting and would give up by day 3. Especially half way through the videos I would give up. I love dancing (I'm awful at it) but this video didn't even feel like a workout video. I loved it!!! Plus I was also able to do the whole video without giving up!!! Definitely recommend the video!

  5. Gstar1980 says:

    3rd time doing this and think I got the moves down.. I do love this, good way to spend 30 mins. Keeps you engaged. x

  6. Parker M says:

    I may be a dancer, but I had to quit two years ago and I recently discovered I have asthma. This video made me so happy and excited to work out, even though I had to pause in the middle to throw up.

  7. Thank you so much for this lovely workout video! I love it!

  8. Marrri says:

    I just did this and it’s really difficult but I plan to do it 5x a week for a month. I’m currently around 72.5-73kg. I got confused on some moves but managed to do all of them without taking extra breaks. I was sweating like a pig tho!!

    Week 1:

    Day 1: ✅

  9. hard to follow the last movement……my belly gonna drop LOL….anyone same???

  10. Ebtehal PCY says:

    I really missed the old days, and especially the beginning of my journey!. Here I am Popsugar, I'll continue to grow with workout videos like this ~ …

  11. Vee Van'Goh says:

    Watch "Healthy Wealthy Sexy" on YouTube

  12. How many calories do u burn by doing this?

  13. Love it 💝💝💝💝

  14. My family could not keep up but my older daughter

  15. 29:16 I tried doing that and I ended up straining a muscle too much…
    Hurts really bad…
    Next time I'll pass this one .

  16. Amy YT says:

    When your P.E teachers send u workouts to do. Me: I can't do this i always seem to get the moves wrong :/ 😂

  17. Joanna D says:

    Great work out I never dance hip-hop. Most of the time I am scared to be ridiculous. Exactly what I needed during my lunch break

  18. Is it good to sleep after working out in the morning

  19. Shay Kay says:

    Humility is a virtue y'all. When I was watching this as a preview this morning I thought "only 20 seconds on? Is this even a workout?". Now doing it this evening, I'm 10 min in and wondering if I'm gonna make it. Also thought I was gonna look more like Keaira and Casey…only to find out even Anna's doing the moves better than me!

  20. I love this 😊😋😋😘😘😘I was sweating alot

  21. Jobert Too says:

    How many calories does this workout burn?

  22. Luisа, Meіn Еrgеbnis ist -17 kg іn 3 Wосhen…Еs hat gehоlfеn fodano.ru/schlank?v=kwkXyHjgoDM

  23. Mainee Mamai says:

    Green t shirt literally fighting her embarrassment

  24. How many calories do u burn with the exercise?

  25. sid says:

    does anybody with an apple watch/fitbit have the avg amount of calories this burns?

  26. Для парня такое себе

  27. gaitergurl22 says:

    I love your hip pop workout girl you amazing❤

  28. She rocked my world!!!!! I 💜 her.

  29. Mary S says:

    I love this but I feel like I’m way too tall I can’t move nearly as fast as you guys

  30. Sade Johnson says:

    This is fun and very intense. Love it

  31. Kouedi gigi says:

    It seems to be easy but it is challenging. I have sweated so much lol 😂

  32. how many calories do you burn with this workout?

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