WEIGHT LOSS Cardio Toning Workout for Women over 50 ⚡️ Pahla B Fitness

ALL levels | ALL standing, NO jumping, NO equipment | BURN 175 – 200 calories | MODERATE day | INCLUDES warm up + cool down

We’re TONING and sweating today with a great LOW IMPACT weight loss workout that’s perfect for women of “a certain age.”

Download your FREE copy of Weight Loss Over 50 here: https://pahlabfitness.com/weight-loss-over-50/

CARDIO TONING workouts are the best of both worlds, with bone- and muscle-building strength work done at a high intensity (but low impact – no jumping!) cardio pace. And today’s WEIGHT LOSS routine includes a thorough conversation about what MODERATION means, why it works at our age, and how to find what’s moderate for you.

Grab your lightest dumbbells and get ready for a fun and informative time!

Get my exact 3-pair Dumbbell Set (affiliate link): https://amzn.to/2vkvMkg
Mermaid leggings can be found at https://www.inknburn.com/

Interval timer is set for 20 seconds; we are climbing and descending several “stepstools” of exercises – adding one exercise each round, and then subtracting again


Stepstool One:
Twisting Kicks
Dancing Xs
Toy Soldiers

Stepstool Two:
Punch Down Switchfoot
Walking Stars
Rainbow Jacks

Stepstool Three:
Low Swinging Tappers
Big Arm Side Shuffles
Letter Ks

Stepstool Four:
Triceps Curldowns
Punching High Knees
Cheerleader Kicks

Balanced Wide Open Front Kicks (one interval on each side)


SUGGESTED STACKER (Low Impact Walking with Weights):

😅 EXTENDED COOL DOWN: https://youtu.be/V2CTHi7R6Pc

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38 Responses

  1. D Day says:

    Hi – loving the workouts. However the Moderate playlist isn't loading – says Private. Can search them out individually, but not as a playlist. Error on both TV and Mac

  2. Carla T says:

    Really enjoyed the workout, and I bet my flabby arms will feel this tomorrow! Love those fun mermaid leggings Pahla!

  3. So, Pahla, how can running be part of moderation?
    Thanks! (not trying to put you on the spot, just wondering…)

  4. Jayme Arenas says:

    Whoa Doggie that was AWESOME!!!!💖

  5. Granite Moss says:

    I usually abhor any type of 'ladder' workouts. But this is the first tine I tried one of your and I am REALLY glad I did. Just like you said- it was just right for me today!
    Love the mermaid leggings, so pretty!

  6. Martha May says:

    Your moderate workouts are perfect for my soon to be 65 year old body. I'm so glad I found you.

  7. LOVE this format and feel so proud because for once I embraced moderate and was able to do side shuffles and rainbow jacks with weights for the first time. Yay. Thank you

  8. Ann Tews says:

    Love this workout Pahla and do enjoying the moderation. Have to really focus on it as I’m like so many others who used to think it had to be hours and pushing hard every time but no more. Glad you mentioned that it’s taken you some time to get used to the moderation so what I’m feeling is so completely normal!! Thanks again

  9. Good morning, I did this workout today and it is really nice. I enjoyed doing it. My heart rate did go up. Thanks for this video. God bless you.

  10. Great workout. I just started working out semi consistently and I could actually do the balance work without assistance. Yay! Also love those leggings🧜🏾‍♀️

  11. Well I absolutely love this step stool type of workout😎😍. Adding it to my favs! Ty Pahla! 💐

  12. Great workout Pahla! However, I made the mistake of going to do a 10 minute after and could not find the one that you recommended. The 10 minute cardio toning I found was a killer…oh well you warned us about moderate. I love that you give us info while we work out – like a podcast- makes the workout go so fast. Thanks again!

  13. Lin D says:

    This was a great workout. I'm having trouble getting my thoughts around moderate workouts. I see the less than 30 minutes and I have to find something to do for 15 minutes most days.

  14. Kerry-Lou says:

    Great workout, thanks!

  15. Rita Muller says:

    Thank you so much Pahla for embracing moderation. This was one of the finest workouts I’ve ever done. So intelligently designed. Due to spinal arthritis, I have no choice but to moderate and when I don’t, I pay dearly having had to go to the DO for OMT to get my back straightened out more than once. So NOT your fault. I’ve been working out with you for a couple of years and I’m always to blame when I’ve pushed too hard. I very much needed your commentary today. I felt great all day long after this workout. Exactly like you said I would. Moderation is the key, and I look forward to more of the same from you. Blessings to you dear one! Have a beautiful day.

  16. Esta rutina es ideal para mi. Gracias Pahla por pensar en los adultos más mayores. Sigue adelante!!❤🥰😘

  17. Love your workouts, great to see content for people over 50 on here! keep sharing, thank-you! xx

  18. Great explanation on the part that estrogen plays in the body after a moderate workout!

  19. Sofrito Soul says:

    I have been working out with you for about a year. I am 35 started working out in my late 20's. I was doing a lot of plyometrics jumping cardio types of work outs and I was of the mindset that I had to beat my body up in order to loose weight. My body was always in pain not sore but in deep pain. I started working out with you and my body feels good. I see results and I am glad I don't have to jump. I do workouts that I enjoy now. Thanks Pahla!

  20. Candy says:

    Really nice workouts. Enjoy them thoroughly, see results and don't have to kill myself. 💖

  21. Congratulations on your growth Pahla. So good to see a certified experienced Trainer growing.

  22. cm rich says:

    Yay! Thank you. 🙂

  23. Just finished your workout I'm drenched in sweat! Awesome 1!! 😊🤗💕🌞

  24. Laura Beck says:

    Hey Pahla, this workout is very effective and so much fun working up and down the exercise ladder! 😁

  25. Skunk Lady says:

    Excellent. Thank you. I appreciated the explanation of stress and exercise impact on our bodies.

  26. Linda Drugan says:

    Hi Pahla.. I’m 50+ and started your workouts after the gym was closed down due to Covid19. Along with your workouts and eating right (for the most part :), I have actually lost weight. I was never aware that low impact workouts are more beneficial for woman at this age until I listened to you talk about it. I typically pushed myself very hard at the gym, and I”m happy to say that those days are over.. moderation, good eating, and a lot of walks with the dog is my new normal.. Thanks!

  27. Dawn Smith says:

    I loved this one. I am incorporating a mile walk/jog with it. Thanks Pahla

  28. Wendy Davis says:

    Great workout!
    Went by very fast.
    Thank you Pahla 💪

  29. KrampVlogs says:

    I was just wondering why when I start walking or moving a little more I gain weight :(? To me it's so discouraging . I have a hard time intaking the calories I need in a day because my tummy doesn't take most foods well . Always depends on the day itself what I can eat 🙁 if u can help me that would be awesome . I really don't have anyone to guide me or anyone for support xo

  30. Lu Canadá says:

    I am new to your channel. Really enjoying the workouts and I relate to a lot of what you said. How heavy are your weights in kg? Thanks!

  31. That WAS fun!! I think this is my new favorite workout!

  32. Love your workouts!! 😊💕♥️

  33. Maria V says:

    Love these. 100 k coming( in Sean Bean voice) 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  34. SHILPA JOSHI says:

    Hi dear…im alwayz looking forward to ur workouts…luv u dear…stay blessed…

  35. Hi maam, how much in kg is those weights? Loved ur cardio workout for bad knees. I am 40 n just recovering from chondromalacia pattella. Was so worried that I dint hv a proper workout where I cud sweat n luckily met u..thanks a tonne maam.🙏

  36. fantastic50s says:

    I love your videos! As a over 50 woman they are great.You inspired me to create my own channel!😀

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