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Have you been looking for the right workout plans according to your body shape? Choose the body type and get the right workout plan. Experience the full body transformation and reach that perfect body shape goal with FitonomyApp.

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41 Responses

  1. Venkatesan V says:


  2. i was literally listening to this song before this video-

  3. God's Doll says:

    Am apple shaped….. Will do these exercises and see what happens.. Looking forward in my pear shaped new life😊

  4. I am doing ….I want to lose fat

  5. I don't think body type really matters while exercising,what really matters is you choosing a workout which you enjoy and like,i am talking as a workout freak,but this is my personal opinion.

  6. winditya says:

    Aku tersesat 🙄

  7. Next Telekom says:

    😕😕😕 😂😂😂😂😆😆😆

  8. Faded Blue says:

    This song tho… what is it?

  9. This is so stupit and makes no sense this whole channel has the same workouts…. Useless

  10. Little Lamb says:

    Was luckily born with my amazing hourglass shape which everyone is paying a lot of money to look like. 🤪

  11. Does anyone know what song is playing?

  12. Kanaka td says:

    Can I look like this

  13. I need this song anybody know what it is

  14. Me encanta like si ablan español 😅

  15. I can't choose between pear and rectangle

  16. Eric Jobita says:

    That's very passionate… My girlfriend is so fat too but she can't make it to training. How could I teach her???

  17. Deepa M says:

    It will really work

  18. FitFocus_SA says:

    I like fruit 😂🤦🏼‍♂️

  19. Why are they all the same? What's the point of singling out the body shapes if you don't work them differently?

  20. Juliet Buzu says:

    I need a workout plan to reduce and keep sharp firm.

  21. Juliet Buzu says:

    I need a workout plan to reduce and keep sharp firm.

  22. nabanita sen says:

    I need workout for pear shape nd help for new mamma figure also

  23. I need workout plan for apple shape

  24. I want a pear nd hour glass app please

  25. Cecilia Anne says:

    Please I need a workout for my pear shape

  26. I love work out specially to my abs

  27. Please I want to join

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