5 Home Workout Mistakes – KILLING YOUR RESULTS! – ep3. Abs & Belly Fat Exercises

5 Home Workout Mistakes – KILLING YOUR RESULTS! – ep3. Abs & Belly Fat Exercises🙏 S U B S C R I B E (please lol)
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Getting a flat stomach and defined abs (sometimes 6-pack, sometimes 11-line abs) is a dream shared by many women across the world. However, it can be really challenging to get the well-toned abs if you don’t have a proper diet plan, an effective abs workout routine, and a lot of motivation. While you might be familiar with many abs workout for women exercises, you could be wasting your time by making some of the most common abs workout mistakes. Whether you choose to do abs workout at home or abs workout at gym, it is very important to learn the exercises properly in order to see great results.
Unfortunately, some of the most common abs exercises for women are also some of the most wrongly done ones. It can be particular challenging to learn the abs exercises for women at home as there is no trainer on the spot to guide you and you can end up getting the angles wrong. In this video I have tried to highlight some of the most common fitness mistakes pertaining to abs exercises for women. If you are a woman who has just started doing the stomach workouts by searching for abs exercises for beginners at home on YouTube or elsewhere, this video is especially for you. I have tried to highlight some of the most common stomach exercise mistakes. Rectifying these mistakes will allow you to do effective workouts without having to worry about injuries. Enjoy this video and subscribe to the channel as well so that you can keep getting the hottest fitness tips and fitness videos regularly.

My name is Kola Olaosebikan. Mom to one delightful toddler and happily married 🙂 I am a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) trained by the American Council on Exercise and Stanford University. I am Nigerian AND American AND in love with pizza (no tomato sauce. thanks)

I love sharing fitness vlogs. The BEST at home workouts for women. Mostly bodyweight meaning you can complete my youtube workout videos with no equipment! My intention is to help you get your best body ever!

You’ll get
-Home workout without equipment
-Home workouts with minimal equipment (resistance bands and dumbbells)
-Dance Workouts
And so much more!!
As an online trainer, I also love the random chances I get to actually MEET my Koko puffs (you) in person!

Anyway, on this fitness channel, you’ll find mainly workouts. All the workouts are fast and highly effective. They will help you with weight loss, flatter abs, strength, booty growth. I may also do reviews of fitness products from time to time but not very often.

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Note: All information provided by Koboko Fitness is of a general nature and is furnished only for educational/entertainment purposes only. No information is to be taken as medical or other health advice pertaining to any individual specific health or medical condition. You agree that use of this information is at your own risk and hold Koboko Fitness harmless from any and all losses, liabilities, injuries or damages resulting from any and all claims. This disclaimer applies to all videos existing and in the future.

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28 Responses

  1. Can you suggest exercise for builting muscles,. My hands are tooo thin same like drumstick plzzzzzzzzz

  2. Blue looks so beautiful on you❤️ definitely your color!!

  3. vslツ says:

    ok so i have a question My belly is flat, kinda, you can’t really see a pouch. I’ve been doing ab exercises for almost a month and i can say i’ve seen a difference but there’s a problem, in order to see the abs i have to suck in my belly. I don’t know what to do in order for the abs to be visible without having to suck in, should i focus on cardio or ab exercises(crunches etc) OR should i dieto.o

  4. I loved how you started this, I have never heard any fitness video instructor say you're beautifully as you are, or talk about how wanting a flat stomach might be an image concern ♥️

  5. Odette Adde says:

    Sweetie I really needed to see this video today. I almost gave up thinking my belly fat will never go away. Thanks

  6. Le-ann-a says:

    I thought it was because I have too much body fat on my stomach 🤔

  7. Thank you for sharing, I like working out with your workout video.

  8. I have to lose one hundred pounds, what workout do you recommend

  9. Alem Phom says:

    I wanna know about lower body… I get knee pain every time i workout 😔😔 i tried correcting my form and also aware of my knocked knees but i dont know what's wrong…

  10. ….kobo….i need your help recently i broke my leg o wont be avle to walk for 9 months and i have my hole right leg casted…..i mean all the way to my thighs….what can i do 😖😞

  11. Alana says:

    So,even if I'm doing the exercise right,I may not feel that pain afterwards? If its clearly in the video I'm sorry I'm still learning since English is not my first language (btw thank you so much for putting subtitles in English,its so helpful since my reading skills is way more better than my listening skills). When I'm doing abs workout I feel the burn,the pain and I love it (I finally found a part of my body where I like to do exercise haha) but that's only when I'm doing it. Does it mean that I'm doing it wrong? I felt pain after the workout once but only once and I'm doing the workout for a while (it would be a month but I didn't workout every day) maybe that's the reason? I am sorry if my doubt is not clearly. Have a great night! 🙂

  12. It's MALEBO says:

    Me watching this and wondering how many mistakes are there💔I don't know how many videos of mistakes I've watched 😩I guess there is no hope for me to aquire abs

  13. Thanks for the good advice!

  14. Cheryl Boyd says:

    How long did it take you to get your abs to look like that?and was your belly really bad prior?

  15. Sarah Kidd says:

    Okay I've been working out routinely for the last week, and when I first started I could barely hold an actual plank for more than 3 seconds. Ten days later and I can hold a mechanically sound plank for 30 seconds. I already feel so much stronger

  16. rawan aj says:

    I do mistake 4, 3 and 2 😂

  17. I've been working out with many yt fitness trainers but your positive energy and enthusiasm are just unmatched! You're such a lovely person 🖤👑
    Love from Poland

  18. Logan Button says:

    Thank you so much for your videos but can you please do more videos about gaining weight? ❤️

  19. Natalie V says:

    yall if you want quick and VISIBLE change, do the BFF programm!!! it changed my body so quickly

  20. Fadia says:


  21. Nyla Harris says:

    Can you do a video on how to loss fat by water. BTW I lost probably like 5 pounds

  22. Just subscribed you channel you just motivated me this morning for my fitness journey and start my fitness channel. Thank you 😊

  23. Nebula Pi says:

    I adore this guurrrrl

  24. hi kola it's one of you admires from Bangladesh. i love you… and you really motivate me without feeling me guilty about my body ♥♥ thank you

  25. Lovely I will try this

  26. Thank you so much for the lower back stretches to reduce back pain! Everytime I workout my back gets really sore from my scoliosis so it’s hard for me to workout correctly. Gonna check it out to reduce my back pain!

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