This is an advanced 10 min abs routine.
10 exercises for 30 seconds each back to back.
I am doing the complete workout in real time with you together !


Equipment: Canon G7x & iPhone XSmax

Great Days by Joakim Karud
Music promoted by Audio Library

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42 Responses

  1. honey says:

    This really helped, wow 🙂


  3. jazzy 201 says:

    I’m so glad I found your channel! This workout is is good and burns my abs all over

  4. How many series I have to do?

  5. 10 minutes of abs per day IS NOT enough to get "your dream body", and that is misleading. Abs requiring eating healthy

  6. RubiMercuri says:

    i only clicked on your video by random to find someone similar to chloe but you ended up being even better i really liked this 10 min workout i really felt the burn in my abs. no offence to chloe ting. her videos are still great but im gonna try your workout vids!

  7. After doing this workout I’m not going to do one of chloe tings again. This one left me feeling sore and so good and I felt like I could see progress pretty quickly after doing it for a few days. Thank you for making this and also for not having rests in there because it makes me feel the pain more.

  8. It’s getting easier and I’m felling results😁!!

  9. Cie lo says:

    I will give this workout a try:
    Day 1:✔
    Day 2:✔
    Day 3:✔

  10. Omolara A says:

    her voice is so annoying but it’s a good workout

  11. h3am 3 says:

    Im gonna give this workout a try,leggo

  12. This was great. Loved how you didnt stop and kept talking

  13. It’s like my 4th day doing this workout and it get so much easier !

  14. I tried this today and it's such a great workout!! I'm definately adding it to my workout routine👌🏾👌🏾

  15. Me being confused on how she was talking the whole time lol

  16. dropstick says:



  18. lmao you are such a goofball

  19. Emily Stuart says:

    Ow. But ouch in a good way.

  20. Celina Dahl says:

    So..i think everyone is trying to get fit during lockdown. So I’m going to do this workout for a week, and keep y’all updated.

    Day 1: This was so hard, I literally feel like my abs are on fire!🔥 I also took a lot of breaks, because my abs aren’t that strong. Hopefully I’m not going to take so many breaks tomorrow

    Day 2: it’s still so hard to do😩 I took a few breaks, but not as many as yesterday.

    Day 3: Done ✅ (barley)

    Day 4: Done ✅

  21. G Hos says:

    Putting your hands under your butt (palms down) helps not to strain the back!!!

  22. Sarah Salman says:

    These exercises reminded me of Cassies ( Blogilates) extreme abs a bit but those were way harder

  23. Olivia J says:

    im in quarantine and have been struggling with my weight although i work out every day and am on a diet, but i'll let you know how this goes every day:
    day 1: loved it! it was challenging but i do have strong abs, just no six pack 🙁 i struggled at the beginning but your talking got me through it !!
    day 2: burnt like hell ! it hurt even more than yesterday, i almost felt sick, but i soldiered through! hopefully tomorrow it'll hurt less 🙂
    day 3: today was a lot easier and i didnt struggle as much, i also took a pic today and im slightly more toned and you can see my muscles in a picture!
    day 4: super easy today. it was burning but i didnt have to take any breaks and i made it through the workout without stopping once!

  24. G Hos says:

    Hard core workout… pun intended! Love this video and her encouragement

  25. I have a question. Do you made your abs by repeting this workout routine? I really dream of having abs like yours. Btw this exercise is epic

  26. masterpie says:

    mikasa in real life

  27. Maria says:

    this workout showed me how fast i can say "oh my god" for a thousand times lmao
    but i damn feel it! 😀
    btw she is SO SWEET

  28. claire says:

    wow this really worked!!

  29. Awesome workout! Also, finally someone who's abs look the same in the video as they do in the thumbnail.

  30. WAY TOO FAST – as a fitness instructor and anyone else who works out- you know that you don't get ABS this quickly – great workouts but way too fast –

  31. Charlie B says:

    How do I keep my back on the floor? I can't do it and it's so frustrating

  32. Me wondering how she is talking while doing the workout like 👁👄👁

  33. Charlotte G says:

    love this workout sooo muchhh!!

  34. wow your positivity is infectious!! loved this workout, going to do it every morning

  35. This is my favoriiiiiite workout!!!❤️❤️

  36. This is such a great workout!! I could really feel the burn and it was effective:)))

  37. Psilo Cybe says:

    The fact ur resting ur head on the leg drops and calling it hardcore is quite funmy

  38. Kommen sie aus Deutschland? I saw your card in the back of the room. Danke for the workout!

  39. Stella says:

    The energy of this video was fabulous and I will be back

  40. Soph Lou says:

    Abs are my worst workout 🙁 I love legs, but I will try this!

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