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38 Responses

  1. Thank you ma'am for making this seated video. You really motivated me during my injury period. You are really adorable

  2. mahi warsi says:

    Day 1 complete👌💯

  3. Sue Singh says:

    Love your video good work. Do you cater for overweight beginners ? That would be great and wow 44 million views Congrats !!!

  4. No One says:

    Your voice is hardly an issue. I love how you got straight to the workouts. Another video I followed, the lady blabbed on for 2 minutes before getting to the point of the video. Very much appreciated that you went right into it.

  5. BurnNat says:

    I have to say I am so happy you have this workout! I have been following your workout for a few years and live them, but I recently severely sprained my ankle. This is perfect! Thank you so MUCH ❤️

  6. KT KODAK says:

    First time doing one of your videos! Love your personality! Have a knee injury so was looking for something to get my heart rate up while protecting the injury until I can get it treated (post virus time). This was perfect! I will be looking at more of your videos. I'm a 58 yr old teacher who is working from home now and sitting too much! I have just began a healthy eating plan this past weekend. Have weight to lose and a bad knee injury. Thank you for offering so many great videos.

  7. Love your chair workouts.

  8. AC THE MOGUL says:

    Thank you I’m a female trucker I did this workout on the back of my truck sitting in bed

  9. mell7702 says:

    I like listening to u talking.

  10. mitchelle719 says:

    Will start from tomorrow.. 😊😊😊

  11. Bshair Ali says:

    Love it ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  12. Kels B says:

    Great workout💕💕

  13. Gem Jem says:

    Lurv hearing you talk… It's so motivating. You're excellent x 🐬

  14. Thank you for the work out, it was really challenging. Just to let you know disabled folk never use the term ’wheelchair bound’. Many wheelchair users are not bound or tied to their wheelchairs, a large proportion are ambulatory users. Also no one is physically tied to their chair! A wheelchair isn't a prison it's a tool that enables a disabled person to access more. It's also a term that is negative and suggests pity or limitation. Disability isn't a negative thing.

  15. Stevie says:

    people are so rude!!!! How the heck are you suppose to teach without talking!!!! lol

  16. As a wheelchair user I really love your seated workouts, however I wish you would stop using the phrase ‘wheelchair bound’ in your videos. Just say disabled person or wheelchair user, or person with restricted mobility. Wheelchair users aren’t bound to their wheelchairs, wheelchairs are amazing pieces of technology that make mobility possible. We just need to look at disabled athletes to see that.

  17. I love hearing you coach me through the routines because I don’t have to watch every second and that’s helpful to me. Besides, your voice is pleasant especially compared to most personal trainers who try to act like drill sergeants!! XX

  18. Hello Lucy. Can you do more video like this for person has diabetes.

    Love u video. 💖💖💖

  19. Shri Lakshmi says:

    Thank you Lucy.
    Generous of you !
    You are kind hearted and care for everyone’s well being ! God bless you so much !!

  20. natalia says:

    Will this help you loose weight/belly fat?

  21. You are an angel for me lucy.. after having baby last year i have gained so much weight. But luckily i found you.. your workouts are really magical.. they helped me a lot to loose weight

  22. Liane Carter says:

    Lucy, thank you so much. I fell and sprained my ankle yesterday afternoon and after doing the 7 Days Drop a Dress Size challenge (and losing 1.7 kilos, 2cm and 1cm), I went straight on the next day to do the 7 day belly fat challenge. I had completed two days of the belly fat challenge – and also on those two days added your 4 minute and 3 minute arm exercises. Thank you. Today would have been day three of the belly fat challenge, yet I couldn't do it because of my foot and I so didn't want to let myself down and stop. So I found this video last night so I'd be prepared this morning. Oh my. Had to shake my arms out midway and definitely don't need to do the other arm exercises.
    And looked at myself in the full length mirror this morning and was shocked at the change in my body. Woohoo. Thank you, Lucy. You are such a great personal trainer. And I love listening to you and not music as it helps me focus on being present with form and breath.

  23. T Madison says:

    Omg! I started this 2 weeks ago with my mom and now my arms are so toned and thin. Everyone is complimenting me nl on my arms because normally they are so big and fat.

  24. After a very long day yesterday & so tired, I thought I couldn't workout this morning, but when my mind said I could, YES I just did these seated routines and I felt amazing❣👊🏼⭐️😅thanks Lucy for those encouraging words, you're awesome💋💝

  25. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  26. Anastasia K says:

    That was amazing! I chose this workout because it’s 35c today, & I didn’t want anything too hard☺️. Ha!! My Arms are burning! In a good way. 👍🏻😀💦👟🥰Thanks Lucy!

  27. Ameera Chyy says:

    I Enjoyed this seated workout. Handy if your just not feeling the best or you want to rest your legs after leg day!

  28. Vyshnavi says:

    Lucy u have posted many videos which to follow because all are amazing I'm rather confused what video to follow pls I really want to reduce my weight pls say me which video to follow

  29. Nice video dear.
    Keep going!

  30. This workout made my arms a little sore. That means it works! Thanks so much!

  31. Anumol Jose says:

    Hey mam I am from India. I started your workouts 4weeks ago. I have some changes in my body. I workout 2 hours a day. Thanks for you.

  32. Debra Kibbe says:

    good one… my deltoids are talking to me!

  33. Denika Bain says:

    I actually prefer the talking through out the workout cause it feels like you are in my living room coaching me one on one and you give all these health tips that are educational to me. Thanks again. Also I choose to do this workout since I'm on my cycle. It was a good workout cause I was out of breath lol.

  34. BTS Lover says:

    Lucy I really love your workouts, i have alot of good results with them.
    My whole body is slim except my hip area I've got alot of sagging skin in there plz help me I don't know what workouts should i do?😭

  35. my dignity1 says:

    Please, how can we contact you? I have sent you 2 emails, wrote you on Instagram and on your contact form on your blog but I haven't gotten any reply. I would like to follow one of your programs but I don't know which one would be appropriate for me. I have diastasis recti and have tried quite a number of things that did not really work.

  36. Kristina Cyr says:

    Maybe you've been doing this for a while but I really like how you previewed the next move during the one we're currently doing, rather than taking 15 seconds in between each move to preview it. It keeps things moving and it saves time!

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