hot girl summer workout plan II Gabriella Whited

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28 Responses

  1. Emily S says:

    Hi, if anyone is gonna do this,can you reply to this comment with your results? I want to do this challenge, but I’m doing another challenge, and I want to know if it works well before I start.

  2. Can you put the workouts back on you story tho

  3. Lilly Ward says:

    i love how she’s eating a lollipop while drinking water

  4. i think i’m gonna do this but sub the butt workout for mon/wed/fri for the kelly gale arm workout or gabbys arm workout ✨✨

  5. did anyone else notice how gabby disliked the bubble butt workout? Probs just an accident, love you G! x

  6. kelly gales views are bout to go up up up upitty! iykyk

  7. im gonna do this workout every day for three weeks! remind me to keep you posted
    Day 1: hard but fun to do all these workouts!

  8. i love this so much! you are so inspiring!!!i CANNOTTT wait until gemini emotional to drop its my favorite song ever! 🙂

  9. Yahdira leon says:

    Awe gabby is so cute 😫

  10. Tracking my progress for self motivation, and to help you guys!

  11. emma jackman says:


  12. this seemed scary for first, but I'm done with day one and guuys, this is the best workout i ever done, i didn't feel this good and proud about myself in years. idk how im gonna do this for two weeks but omggg i love itt. thank u sm G i love u. the quarantine workout plan got to me at the best time and u made me feel so much better about myself. this is kinda irrelevant, but u helped me the most fighting with bulimia, i can't say thank u enough♥️♥️ u saved my life queen!

  13. Zoe R says:

    how long do u think until i see major results

  14. M. Josena says:

    Okay so I need some accountability so I’m going to post (and can at least someone respond so I can remember lol) sooo here we go
    Day 1(Monday)- 🥴I’m so dead and combusted I fell asleep trying to do the yoga one😂😭

  15. M. says:

    I just want my quarantine glow up 😔🤟

  16. Unipowers! says:

    I have a Q can I do her quarantine workouts and still get the same results!?

  17. I don’t know why but I felt like she already uploaded this before😂 idk maybe I just dreamed it

  18. uwu _ says:

    She's so pretty 😳

  19. Plz see my channel and view my content

  20. weisva _ says:

    Girl u are sooo pretty 💕

  21. dreamer mood says:

    does anyone want to be in an instagram gc and do this together? drop your ig's ⬇️

  22. Will that workout be effective even if I split the 95 in two like a work out in the morning and one in the evening or something

  23. Let's do this guys!
    Day 1 :

  24. Alyssa Faith says:

    I’m not about to workout 90m a day lmfao

  25. s0hEiLa N. says:

    hey g! i just wanna say thanks to your workouts ive seen a huge improvement of my consistency in doing your workouts!! <3 u always -soheila

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