20-Minute Tabata Workout

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41 Responses

  1. yes so jelly after that one!!! love love love it!!!!!!

  2. Joe Mel says:

    At 5:22, and 12:00 that's how you get a "navel hernia" omg!

  3. Fab workout that is deceptively hard! Looks easy but here I am sweating buckets and wondering, how on earth was Anna talking through the entire video while I was gasping?!! Amazing, thank you!!

  4. Zainab Al says:

    Please include a range of calories burned in your workouts

  5. How many calories it burns ?

  6. Anshu Dua says:

    I had to take 40 sec rest in between😐Did simple reverse lunge…Still
    really intense…Mountain climbers for 40 sec was killer..Totally breathless…But Anna is so inspiring👍👌

  7. Aisha S. says:

    How much calories does this burn?

  8. HoneyComb HD says:

    How many calories this workout will burned?

  9. “We all want a firm front body”👌🏼

  10. Người Việt Nam tập hết bài này giơ tay 👌

  11. m.rad says:

    you are such a great motivator! It'S a pleasure to work out with you!

  12. مين متلي العربية اللي خافت تفتح حوضها 😰🤫🤫

  13. Margot AL says:

    be careful your knees

  14. danimals man says:

    my PE teacher is making me do this and i hate it this is so stupid

  15. Thank you for the workout routines 😊

  16. Peachy Tayao says:

    I really enjoyed 😊 doing this

  17. Sidjmimsdm. Icdsh xjnsjsx. Xjsnshsnsxu.

  18. These workouts are too complex for me to get on the first try I keep getting frustrated because after the 40 seconds are up is when I finally get the hang of it

  19. itss_ nicole says:

    Such a great workout !!! probably one of my favorites

  20. elinor kent says:

    Had so much fun doing this

  21. I love this workout and also many thank for coach.

  22. my teacher is making me do this for online pe and I'm hurting ow. 🙁 Mrs.Hartsock, if you see this, why, WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO YOUNG SKINNY MIDDLE SCHOOLERS?!?!

  23. This was a killer workout
    Loved it…

  24. Awesome workout 💪💪👍👍👍🙏🙏🙏

  25. Ellen Baulne says:

    wow! awesome workout did it with my dauther….love it!

  26. LoLFrizz says:

    You can be as strong as you want but this is a fucking killer

  27. Nikhil Ahir says:

    Woooohhhhh it got the sweat outtta my body…. Thank you and keep it up… <3<3<3

  28. Öldümmmm😨😨😨👍👍👍

  29. Cant wait to try this workout tomorrow hopefully I wont die 😫😫😂😴😴

  30. okinoboo says:

    Wow I'm totally pooped! Red and sweaty! Thanks Anna for your great encouragement and perfect form as always! Great workout

  31. Killed myself and killed it too!

  32. The only reason i am here is cause i need to do it for online school. 😂

  33. my pe teacher is making me do this for the corona quarantine 🙁

  34. This is so hard but so great!!! Thanks ladies! It’s been part of my weekly workout routine for a month now! 🤩🔥💥🤙🏻

  35. Only iKON says:

    My sweat drops on the mat. Thank you!

  36. OH MY GOOOOD this has been deadly but I loved it

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