30-Minute At-Home Boxing Workout

It’s time to crush calories with this boxing workout created by the founder of Prevail Boxing, LA’s premier fitness boxing studio. Milan Costich will coach you on throwing jabs and hooks. You will do some plyo, some planks, and a bunch of core work. No muscle is left untouched in this powerful sweat sesh. Grab a bottle of water, press play, and get ready to punch it out.

For more from Prevail Boxing: http://www.prevailboxing.com/

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On Leilani: Splendid top, Alala tights, and APL shoes
On Milan, Rob, and Lolo: Nike shorts and shoes

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37 Responses

  1. Joanne Lucas says:

    no enough moving…..too much talking

  2. Learning something new

  3. Hazel Gatlin says:

    I just started this today and honestly I was terrified. But once I actually got into it it was really fun. This 30 minute boxing workout does indeed challenge your body but it so worth it in the end. I paused the video and took multiple breathing and water break so I wouldn't pass out or give up. My goal is to do this workout for a how month to see any change or results in myself. Overall this is a challenging workout but having the people in the workout do this with me makes me wanna keep going. Hope however reads this gives it a try because I promise you won't regret it. Go at your own pace and have fun!!

  4. Chorise says:

    This workout was way to slow more like a tutorial

  5. TaT TaT says:

    Does anyone know how many calories does this workout burn for women? Also does boxing make you look bulky? I sort of want to get into boxing, but don t want to look like a body builder. Not that is bad, just isn't how I want to look.

  6. girl in the pink talked too much and they could have turned her mic down during the harder workouts (i dont want to hear her breathing over the instructor). otherwise it was great

  7. Good technical boxing workout and instruction.
    This is also an excellent active rest workout.
    🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟

  8. The woman in the pink shirt is annoying as hell

  9. Fish Slap says:

    Good workout every 15 minutes I drink water

  10. i watched this while eating chips!

  11. Thank You so much my dream was boxing now i can achieve it!

  12. Doing this after watching Sweet Combat ….😁😁

  13. Quite the workout! Phew 😮

  14. Thank you Coach Milan. I've been doing yhis workout for about 8 times alread u and i am still not performing at my core best. I just have to continue doing this. I love this workout. Boxing becoming an interest to.me now

  15. I did this yesterday & today I ache SO BAD. Even a hot bath hasn't helped. Really enjoyed it (at the time, not now!)

  16. Is it normal for a 16 years old and 176cm tall, i am fat and my weight is 100kg but i look like 80kg is it normal

  17. don't like your video

  18. 🙏🙏🙏❤❤❤❤👌👌👌👌🥰🥰🥰🥰

  19. The best video for beginners wanting to learn boxing.i started doing this at home.

  20. Sedalia says:

    this sound very fun to do at home away from social distancing

  21. I am drenched!! That was awesome!!

  22. I can go boxing anymore so

  23. Matrix. says:

    I completely it I feel like I just walked threw fire

  24. Is it for pensioners? bloody hell mate, I wouldn't have afforded not to sweat at all for the whole workout so I did the workout on my own. Cheers

  25. Pink T-shirt lady it’s super annoying 🤣 won’t stop talking

  26. Jessiah Fx says:

    My gym teacher sent me this to do

  27. _ Rainyy _ says:

    this is nice during quarantine i mean allthough i have a boxing gym in my house it's still just good to do something else for a change.

  28. kasey_bro says:

    i’ve always wanted to get into boxing and this definitely helped me want to even more! i love ur style and learned basic techinques so when i eventually do take classes in not completely new to any of this! u for sure were so nice and helpful and this gave me a sweat! i will repeat this video again!

  29. Okay this was a GREAT WORKOUT! When I tell you my whole shirt is wet from sweat, I AINT playin! Lol thanks guys !

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