Saddlebag Workout – Best Exercises To Reduce Saddle Bags Fat

Saddlebags are simple fat deposits created by your body around the butt area and outer thighs.

These fat deposits are mostly common with women – but the good news is that you can get rid of them by working out and exercising everyday using specific exercises.

With this workout you can slowly but surely lose your saddle bags, if you exercise everyday. And you can also do this routine at home, without any special equipment!

So start exercising with this video and follow the trainer! Make sure to subscribe to the channel to receive new video workouts regularly: every Monday, Wednesday and Friday!

Leave me a comment below and tell me how you feel and what what is your progress with this workout!

Good luck and let’s begin the workout!!💪❤️

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48 Responses

  1. Please tell me guys it is really workcable..beacuse I do daily from 15 days that workout but no result found in my saddlebag thigh fat.. please give me some advice to reduce that fat ..😞

  2. Nasar Pk says:

    My age is 14 can i do this exercise pls reply to this question

  3. Yasir Yasir says:

    Can you please tell me in how many days we can reduce saddlebags after doing this exercise?

  4. VDatha says:

    How many days/months should we continue this in order to find the result?

  5. Shall I need to work out all the exercise in the video in every day

  6. neelam mane says:

    Good set of exercises.
    Why don't you show actual girls performing these excercies.

  7. Upload some yoga videos for weight loss plzz …

  8. Hello Dear , I have just subscribe to your vedio and follow the workout every morning.. I am liking it. Could you please share vedio on double chin excercise. Thanks

  9. Kiran Raza says:

    Your exercises are helping me alot!
    Love u Roberta❤️

  10. Kiran Raza says:

    I didn't knew the name "saddlebags" until now I was so worried which workout to do to reduce the upper hip fat and outer thigh fat

  11. Dao Hai Van says:

    Tập thiệt mệt

  12. Hey can u please make a full week body part wise workout of 30.minutes or + duration …. That would be really useful

  13. Swarna Latha says:

    Hi , there r few exercises which r repeated, can u pls tell me, if I have to repeat dem again?also can u tell me in how many days can I see the change?

  14. Does it helps in burning side tyres😟

  15. What would be the diet with this exercise

  16. Hii roberta please tell me how many day this exercise continue? 21 day or one month

  17. Tas Nim says:

    I have just finished the whole workout and i reduced resting time to 10-5 seconds everytime

  18. Just like Lumowell but in different way that presentation workouts

  19. Toxic says:

    To the creator does this actually work if it does tell me what days when u will start to see changes

  20. Cherry Law says:

    can anyone report their exercise progress?how effective is this and how long did you exercise?thanks

  21. joonmeraki says:

    Can someone answer me?
    Did anyone see results?

  22. Thank you!! Perfect for my rest day.. 😃 🎊 🤗

  23. 6xLord says:

    this is terrifying!!!!

  24. Hi I have a question can also do this exercise teen in year of 14/15 ?please answer quickly ❤️

  25. Also I intend to loose 7 kg weight so till when should I continue this workout

  26. If I do these exercises daily so please guide me that when will I see the possitive results of weight loss

  27. can somebody tell me do these really work? because i m starting today

  28. 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼❤️❤️❤️

  29. 🙏🙏🙏👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼❤️❤️❤️

  30. Poxa porque num faz em português

  31. ShiVaNi S says:

    Workout for burn fat from thigh's , tummy and back fat plzz suggest

  32. Asif Kabra says:

    Is this exercise really works?? I want to lose my tight fat plz tell me what to do pls reply

  33. mam i m 21 yrs old n my weight is 70 kg so which exercise i must do please suggest me n my cheast is little heavy than rest of my body so plzz suggest me some exercise

  34. book worm says:

    hey can u please tell approximate calories that we burn during this session and also we caan expect in result in what time..thank you 🙂

  35. Sharlot Pena says:

    How do you ur burning the fat tho?Is it when it hurts a little or?

  36. ramya shri says:

    mam I'm totally confusing plz help me… ur all videos are confused what i choose to do!!?, im 19 bt im 68kgs i need to loss whole my weight including belly,
    butt ,thigh arm .. these are more fatter areas for me… bt ur video all r minimum goes half hour.. bt i dont have that much time… to concentrate on particular part exercise, i need whole body loss workout ( which also losses my fatter areas)i will spend 45 mins .plz send vidios which is under 45mins…. plz understand my situation and tell which will give better results for my problem .. i want to loss within one month plz suggest some videos …. waiting for ur reply…. plz mam…

  37. Shalini Devi says:

    I love your videos.. keep going Roberta.. 🤗

  38. same exercises but different headings. We want something new please

  39. Done… and go on, now are 5 videos for day … but, i lose 1,5 kg …thanks a lot 🙂

  40. Priyanka s says:

    Only headings are different….exercises r same

  41. All the workout are the same

  42. Patty Barnes says:

    Nice finisher to my glute workout! Thanks Roberta you've done it again!☺👍

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