Dumbbell Full Body Workout For Women Beginners – Dumbbell Exercises For Women

In this video we go through a beginner women’s dumbbell full body workout routine. This workout targets all major areas of your body and we only use dumbbells for the exercises.

The exercises…
Chest press
Hammer curls
Upright rows
Lying triceps extensions
Side raises
Calf raises

Women’s dumbbell workout routine.

What’s up beautiful ladies out there, Bryan here and in this video we are going to go through a female beginners workout routine with dumbbells.

I set this routine up to hit all of the major areas of the body, chest, back, core, arms and legs. Do 3 sets for each of these exercises, and each set should consist of 8 to 10 repetitions. Start off using lighter weights until your targeted muscles get stronger and you get more comfortable with the movements.

To keep the video short, I am not going to go through the warm up we did, just make sure you warm up properly, slowly elevating your heart rate and blood pressure. With that out of the way, let’s roll.

The 1st exercise is chest press and this exercise can be done on a bench, or lying on the ground. Simply push the weights out away from your body, above your chest, then lower them down to a depth that is comfortable to you, keeping your elbows below your shoulders. This exercise will work your chest, shoulders and triceps, which are the muscles in the back of your upper arms.

Next up is standing hammer curls. Stand in the athletic position with the knees slightly bent, raise the dumbbells, bending only at the elbow, with the forearms being the only body part to move during this exercise. This exercise targets your biceps muscles in the front part of your upper arms.

Crunches is next, and no dumbbell is needed for this exercise. Lying on the ground with your hands supporting your head, raise your upper back off the ground to a height that is comfortable for you. And then return to the starting position. This exercise targets your core muscles.

The next exercise is upright rows. Standing with your knees and hips slightly bent, pull the dumbbells up toward your head and rotate your shoulders to where you have your elbows slightly behind your back at the top of the movement. This exercise will work your upper back.

Next up is lying triceps extensions, and this exercise can be done on a bench or lying on the ground. The key to this exercise is to only move your forearms, keeping your upper arms and shoulders still while you raise and lower the dumbbells. This exercise will target your triceps, located in the back of your upper arms.

A goblet squat is the next exercise. Holding a dumbbell on or near your torso and squat down to a point that is comfortable for you, if you can get to a depth where your thighs are near parallel to the ground, perfect. This exercise will work your quads, or muscles in the front of you thighs, and your glutes.

Next up is lateral or side raises. Standing in the athletic position with the knees slightly bent, raise the dumbbells out and up away from your body to a height that is comfortable for your range of motion, only moving at the shoulder joint, keeping the rest of your body silent. The main muscles worked in this exercise are the delts or shoulder muscles.

The next exercise is deadlifts. Focus on starting with a slight bend at the knee, and keeping that same angle at the knee as you bend at the hips, lowering the dumbbells, and raise up to the starting position. This exercise will target your hamstrings, in the back of your upper thigh, your glutes, and the erector muscles in your lower back.

Next up is rows. and as you can see, this exercise can be done with a bench as support, or in a standing position and holding onto something for support. Focus on keeping your back straight and not twisting your torso as your arm should be the only body part that moves. Do this exercise on both sides of your body, and this targets your lat muscles in the middle of your back.

Next up is calf raises. From a flat footed position, raise up onto your toes while holding dumbbells at your sides, keeping your knees straight, and then return to the flat footed position starting position. This exercise will work your calves, or the muscles in the back of your lower legs, and it will also test your balance.

Once you have finished this routine, you should take some time to properly allow your body to cool down, lowering your heart rate and blood pressure slowly to their normal resting rates.

Alright, this exercise routine is listed in the description box below, and you can leave any questions or comments below as well. Hopefully you got something out of this video, if not, pound that thumbs down and let me know that I just completely wasted your time. It’s all good folks, it’s always good, til next time, I am outta here.

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  1. Tommi Varela says:

    Was scared to start working out because I didn’t know what to do but your videos have helped a lot thanks

  2. J G says:

    You have the best workouts on youtube. This is the second one I do and I am getting stronger. Thank u!

  3. Alice Ng says:

    Wow ! Perfect 👌….what I was looking for….thank you.

  4. Sandi Parker says:

    This was great, it would be helpful if you added some information or alternate exercises for those who may have certain issues. For instance, I have a lower back issue and was afraid to do the dead lift exercise.

  5. Jaspal Kaur says:

    Hi I enjoyed watching this video thankyou as a beginner how many days should I start this workout I mainly want to lean tone down on my bootie and arms after having children I am 42 age

  6. J. Lima says:

    Can u make more of these please!

  7. Great video and weight training is excellent!! The explanations were rather easy to understand. Thanks and keep moving!! C❤❤❤

  8. Vanessa says:

    Wow! I just completed this workout and I can definitely feel the burn. Thanks for a great workout! I look forward to watching more of your videos 🙂

  9. Vanessa says:

    Hi Bryan. What brand of weights is being used in this video?

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