Daily 5 Minute Full Body Workout 2020 // Quick Home Fitness

Hi, I’m Lindsey! Today’s daily home workout is a Daily 5 minute full body workout. It is a HILIT style workout (high intensity low impact training.) This is a quick fitness routine that you can do at home or anywhere! Join me on my daily workout series on YouTube starting January 1st 2020! The workouts will range in length from 3-30 minutes, be real-time (so you can follow along) and require no equipment so you can do them anywhere!

I am a group fitness trainer, former high level gymnast and semi-professional athlete in the sport of fitness. I also have a bachelor’s degree in sport and exercise psychology.

All of my workouts are free and require no gym equipment, only your own body weight! Subscribe to see my daily workouts and to get flexy and strong with me. Let me know in the comments how it went for you!

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    Really like your channel…keep it up👍👍

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