Body Recomposition – How to make your Workout Plan for Beginners

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Anuj Tyagi is a Certified Personal Trainer from American Council on Exercise(ACE). He is also a Therapeutic Exercise Specialist, Certified Sports Nutritionist and GMP Certified Flexibility Training Specialist from ACE.

He is a Chartered Accountant by education and has been a part of Fitness industry since 2007.

Apart from providing online training from his website, he is also Content Writer at Mens XP and where he writes articles on scientific facts and clears age old myths of Indian Fitness Industry.

Through this Youtube channel, we Intend to educated and guide you in your Fitness Journey. There will be no ‘Bro Science’ and only scientific truths about various subjects in Fitness, Health and Nutrition will be given.

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49 Responses


    USE CODE :- ANUJ25 for best deals and discounts

    Guys, don't complain about the long duration of the video. Not everybody is smart like you.
    Thank you for watching.

  2. It neccesery to do cardio after workout?……please answer………..

  3. This really help …… Thank you

  4. 18:15 plz full body dynamic stretching and warm up for begginerss pie video lao !

  5. Hello Anuj sir, sir diet ke liye hume maintenance calories le to make body re composition and sir if yes macros ka ratios kya le ??

  6. Hi dude , i started my transformation 21st october . I am shocked because my program has already included all points you have mentioned. I am not following any other unrealistic youtubers who have injected steroids . My transformation on 27 days is exactly same as yours but im doing deadlifts and ass to grass squats. Just doing all compound exercises to lose fat.

  7. ankit mishra says:

    But sir aapne is video me biceps and triceps ka exercises nhi kiya. Aisa kyu?

  8. Dibya Deka says:

    Kamal he bhai aj kaj polio ko v log body Bolte he.

  9. RAMESH KUMAR says:

    Kisi ko Bata matt Dena ki body banana itta kathin hai …logg banana chord denge….Hrithik ka drama Dekho😛😛

  10. RAMESH KUMAR says:

    Ab Hrithik Roshan ka video as gya …..2 month Mei gainda se hunk Bunn gae…..bnao Bhai video……bc pata Ni kaun se tareekey. Se dead lift kartey hai ye log 1 month Mei hi subb ho jata h😍😍

  11. Parman Bains says:

    bhai i have tried the product or plant based natural anabolic named laxogenin. I dont know if one will understand or not, but i was in calorie deficet and went for hypertrophy exercises .One would know that while in calorie defeciet recovery is slow or not as fast as it is during bulking, but while on the supplement, i was able to gain muscle and loose wait at the same time whitout being in any special state like beginner or workout after sometime. I have done it for aproxx 6,7 weeks. The only thing i want to tell is there are products whcich are actually usefull. Now i am going to try HMB. And if u have any information about it, i request if u can guide us about it. thankyou.

  12. Abhishek Pal says:

    Bhagwan se dua hai apki injuries jaldi theeek ho jaye😊

  13. Abhishek Pal says:

    Gym morning me best hain ki evening me?

  14. Bhai.. video short kr diye kro thodi🤕🤕🙏♥️🙌👌

  15. Mohit Singh says:

    Coach please answer this 🙏🙏🙏🙏👉🏼 when I run for 5-7 kilometres then the whey protein I take after that feels nothing on my stomach I mean it seems as if I didn't have anything but in the evening when I don't run then after simply weight training the whey protein does feel a bit heavy on my stomach for about 15-20 minutes…. After a 7 kilometre run the Whey Protein feels Ultra Light on my stomach…. Why why???? I mean does Running enhances and amplifies digestion ???? Just Curious…. I do my cardio in the morning and weight training in the evening…. Please Answer 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  16. chapthehxro says:

    Speak English please I beg

  17. Naman Jain says:

    My God. Your abdomen is exactly what I have currently. I am 5,10. I need to lose this.

  18. Naman Jain says:

    Why cardio vascular not before weight training but after?

  19. Naman Jain says:

    Anuj! I started gymming properly a year back. I have this word problem and have found nothing on the internet.

    When I eat sometimes I can feel fat settling in my body. Incan honestly an literally feel it ij various sections of my body and if I eat too much I can literally feel fat.

  20. Naman Jain says:

    Thanks Anuj. I will use tht code soon. I have been using myprotein also I have finally reached 150 pounds and plan to cut till 140 pounds.

  21. nanu cool says:

    Bro lower Bally fat per deep information do,kuch effective tips do,bro waist size toh ja rhi h laki lower Bally bhut muskil aa rhi h,over all fat toh ja rha h lakin ballyfat nhi Kam ho rha effectively

  22. Akhlaq Mehar says:

    Hi anuj sir, IRM kia hota or kaise maloom karein plz reply

  23. ansari chand says:

    Bro… I think it would be very less to say… But the Information, the guidance and the exercise science you are providing through you tube channel… I think none of any YouTuber are giving such kind of scientific knowledge.. I appreciate you for your work… Keep going And stay blessed… And In Sha Allah …Ap jaldi thik ho jaaoge .

  24. Akhlaq Mehar says:

    Video jaldi dalna diet pr…..

  25. Bht badhia laga vai, bht kuch sikhne ko tha…

  26. Lucifer says:

    bhai ek doubt h uspe video bna do plz😢 men me estrogen h hi ku jisse gyno ho jaye increase hone pe? any benefit of estroge in males?

  27. anuj bhai. Itne time se apki videos dekh rha hun. ap is product ko endorse kroge, ye kbi nh socha tha. aap khud btao. ON whey isoloate or myprotien ka isolate price same h. ap kis ko prefer kroge?

  28. Nathan Neeth says:

    Very valued points…
    Perfect explanation…
    Keep it up Anuj👍😊

  29. Satyanash ho dislike krne wale ka or jisne bhi kiya h vo sasura anpad hoga😂😒

  30. Anuj Bhai ek clickbait banao height ke uper in 1 week wala😁😁😂😂😂😂

  31. FASTWHEELS says:

    Doing leg extension while having knee issues is suicidal bro body weight squats while holding onto some support could do.

  32. kunal sharma says:

    Something Out of the box in the industry 👌🏻

  33. Nakul Rally says:

    Sir why dont you talk about higher the frequency of a particular muscle more the growth

  34. I think frequency is important. Sabhi agar intensity and volume pe dhyan dete he to frequency pe ektu nhi

  35. Nakul Rally says:

    I realy wish this channel grows exponentially so that indian fitness industry gets improved

  36. M Umar says:

    Sir ye service pakistan me work krraha h

  37. so mu says:

    Waah kya thumbnail h …

  38. Keep up the good work 👌😊👍

  39. Bhai a video on rating Indian fitness YouTubers
    Aur bhai kese ho

  40. An Devil says:

    Hi Anuj, mai martial art practice karta hoon, without weights, kya aap hum jaiso ke liye koi diet, supplementation and workouts pe video bana sakte hai

  41. Worth of 20mintues please go through the entire content

  42. Brther inulin supplements kiss chejj ke use kiyya jatta h?? And yehh effective supplement h kya?

  43. Bro how do you edit your videos can suggest me an app or a software???

  44. Bhai gudgaon mein thand ho gayi kya?

  45. SR reviews p says:

    Sir please suggest me a fat burner ……can i use muscleblaze mr fat burner ???

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