Pregnancy Workout for trimester one, stay fit and healthy throughout pregnancy .

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  1. Lakshmi says:

    Hi lucy,
    I have backache even in my first trimester, do you have any workout suggestions that would ease the pain and is safe?

  2. Amber Bowers says:

    This workout has me sweating 😂 the lunges literally kill me haha to take a break after that

  3. Is this enough to do on its own or should you be exercising for longer?

  4. Kerry lou says:

    Fantastic exercise I'm 7 weeks and its really helping me x

  5. chon says:

    Is it safe for 2 weeks pregnancy?

  6. wafz Vlog says:

    Great ..nice one …

  7. I really love your workouts. I'm doing this one now. I especially love your drop a dress size in seven days workout. I wondered Lucy if that particular workout is safe during pregnancy.

  8. Great video! Question: should I log this on my Apple Watch as a “mixed cardio” workout, or something else? It doesn’t count as HIIT, does it?

  9. So I injured my foot last year and my doctor says the that I can’t do any extra walking more than I need to until after the pregnancy and no lunges or squats. She said I can do floor exercises and use a exercise bike but that’s about it unfortunately. What floor exercises would you recommend I do to try and stay fit during pregnancy that would be safe?

  10. Kitt Fln says:

    Shalom Lucy. Thank you very much for these workouts. I really appreciate them. The only things i don't do is the floor routine parts, I can't my other children take that as. A sign of me being a trampoline

  11. nidhi patell says:

    Hi lucy i have been doing ur workouts from so long i found that i m pregnat i will start this workout too i want to be fit and pregnant

  12. Eeyore xoxo says:

    Hi Lucy, I’m 5 weeks- is this safe to do this early on?
    I am a larger lady and was in my process of loosing weight in order to have a baby, however we were blessed and it happened quicker than we thought it would. I’m worried now that I am going to be bigger than ever after being pregnant. So any advice would be greatly appreciated. Xx

  13. Kvit Kumari says:

    Lucy u r too good i have taken all ur challenges n everything works i can see the changes in a week itself since I'm pregnant now I'm doing these workout.. Thanks Lucy i recommend all my friends to Lucy's workout they r very effective💪✌👌.. Thanks Lucy..

  14. Mehboob Khan says:

    Plz plz more excercise In during pregnancy Which is easy You are osum Thanks

  15. You should have after delivery exercises .

  16. Is there another move that can be done in place of lunges? I have a bad knee.

  17. Sweet 17 says:

    How week can start this workout?

  18. Doaa Senada says:

    What's the perfect time to exercise..morning or evening ..

  19. I am almost done with my 1st trimester and here are my thoughts: I started off in 8th week of pregnancy and went for a 5 times a week workouts (including 20 minutes of pregnancy walk, 1st trimester HIIT and 3 rounds of this specific prenatal workout + at least 90 minutes of outdoor walking every evening). I didn't gain a pound until my 13th week and I really feel fit and energetic so I can only recommend this combination. <3 How are you doing?

  20. Is these exercises are advisable for beginners?

  21. Our dayli says:

    How many time would you recommend doing this video in a day while in first trimester? I know you repeated the moves twice in this video. But would you suggest repeating the video a second time? I feel like it might not be enough but I don’t know much about how much exercise is ok in the first trimester. This is my second baby!

  22. Thanx a lot for this exercise, first time i try workout during pregnancy, I cant wait to see the results🙂

  23. I really appreciate this your workout,honestly l am 7weeks but I look so tired every seconds but after this workout now I noticed a big difference??Thanks alot as I look forward to see more

  24. Du Huynh says:

    I can't wait to do these exercise tomorrow. How many times I should do these exercise in anh week? Thank you for you work.

  25. sadia taj says:

    Thanks alots…very helpful video

  26. sadia taj says: one day one time is good…
    Which time is best for exercise?

  27. i'm 7 weeks pregnant i think i should not do this for now.

  28. I am 6weeks but didnot gain weight already 48kgs should i still need to do exercise??

  29. Mahi Adhi says:

    I am six weeks pregnant r these exercises safe for me

  30. angelica 123 says:

    Hello i am 5weeks now, did this workout today, i want to stay fit and prevent extra weight gainIs this video enough to be done?? And do i have to do this daily???

  31. i love the steps simple,, im ready to groove <3 <3

  32. Owais Shaikh says:

    Video was awesome but i a m missing the warm up and stretching part

  33. Thank you so much. I hope that this will help me to stay fit and lose some weight while being pregnant

  34. Carrotstix says:

    Lucy I've been a fan watching your videos. Can pregnancy ladies do your other videos but low impact version?

  35. Sara Dentist says:

    Amazing god bless you but are you pregnant in this video??

  36. L S says:

    hey I really loved your exercise im almost 5weeks pregnant is it safe to continue in this exercise , my first pregnancy i ganied almost 30 kg i lost 20 and found out i was pregnant again so i wna maintain my current weight. any other advice

  37. zz22 says:

    Can i run while pregnant?

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