How I Eat My PRE & POST Workout Meals – Simple Explained | Ep.7

Episode 7:

In this video I cover about how to eat PRE & POST Workout and I shared to you on the best type for better efficiency!

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10 Responses

  1. Great content Alex! 😊👍 Do you no.longer train at Anytime Fitness???

  2. Perfect content! Nice proteins by the way. Is eggs and chicken breast are the perfect combos to eat everyday for breakfast, lunch and dinner too?

  3. mr tune says:

    yo alex, where did you buy the chicken breast

  4. Zeon Daat says:

    Hi Alex, love your content but I'm afraid you're misinformed about white rice being a slow digestive carb.

    Keep up the quality content!

  5. w loon says:

    Please do more food content ! Love ‘em

  6. Heisenberg says:

    Which economy rice shop u always go to

  7. Coo Didi says:

    Any LISS workout to do at home for those who cant access the gym for cardio machines or cant go out

  8. Wey Han Ng says:

    Just a suggestion, ever consider cooking the chicken then the eggs so the eggs are flavoured with the “juice” from the chicken? 🙂

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