20 Minute Full Body Steps Workout – Calorie Burning Step Up Cardio Training Routine

Join me for a 20 Minute Full Body Steps Workout – Calorie Burning Step Up Cardio Training Routine

40 secs of work followed by 20 secs of active rest.

This workout does not include a cooldown.

You will need a step for this workout. Purchase a Step: ====https://amzn.to/2ERHKmN
Level: Intermediate/Advanced
Equipment: Step
Intensity: Moderate to High, High Impact

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21 Responses

  1. make more step workouts please. this was great!

  2. Tina Dahl says:

    You’re the real deal! This is why I bought my step in March

  3. I have had 2 surgeries on my ankle this year because I tore the ligaments completely in half. Is this something I could do to get back into exercising on a regular basis? I don’t have full motion in my ankle anymore.

  4. Great start to my morning, thank you. x

  5. Faith says:

    Great workout !! 👍👍

  6. I LOVE YOU! You're fire girl 🔥🔥… I am really dead right now 😵

  7. I enjoyed this!! thank you!

  8. Oh my goodness…..I thought I was going to die after this 20 minute workout. I got through it all but whoa!!! =} Thanks for this.

  9. Brought myself a step board and risers as I needed to add to my new found running routine! So whilst I’m working from home at Lunchtime I have started to do your workout before I eat! Going to do it everyday until I can complete it without stopping! Then I’ll raise the level and continue on and also try another one of your routines! Dripping with sweat, thank you!

  10. Kaleigh 17 says:

    I have a knee that doesn't bend at all after surgeries(was hoping to find something since the pools are closed because of COVID) any ideas for a workout? My right leg only gets a 32 degree bend 😊

  11. MY HERO! I'm pretty old so I adapt just few of these steps, but OML! This is the best workout I've ever tried.

  12. Karla says:

    died omg but good!

  13. 383 Cheetos lovers don't like the video.

  14. So good love from Israel I do it all the time🤗😚

  15. DulcetMask says:

    This workout is AMAZING.

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