Mini Band Arm Workout | Booty Band Arm Exercises


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Deanna Dorman is a celebrity Master Trainer, Fitness Nutrition Specialist, and Pilates instructor. She is the creator of and has been featured in Shape, Self, Women’s Health, Buzzfeed, and a number of other print and online publications. She is the creator and founder of The Fitness Collective – an on-demand video app that delivers new workouts every week!

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44 Responses

  1. Tony Cox says:

    Where can I getvthe mini band?
    Do you have suggestions or a link.

  2. Mureed says:

    Fit in beauty, mind & body, united as one😍😇🤗.

  3. Olá ! Sou do Brasil. Adorei seu vídeo 👏👏👏👏👏

  4. katemelan3 says:

    Great video, but please add a timer on the screen 🙂

  5. Great video I never thought of all
    The exercises you can do with a booty band love it and extremely versatile

  6. Yga Yga says:

    Hey, thanks for this great exercises !

  7. Linda Thomas says:

    Great workout Thank you

  8. Julia says:

    You are a GENIUS!

  9. Love this video!!! I got a really good workout in. Please make more arm workouts with resistance bands

  10. Uma Guha says:


  11. I just did this this morning I bought some 7. 99 bands to try out never used these before omg what an exersise burn felt it for my arms cool enjoyed working from home this workout

  12. My problem is my form especially cuz my back is used to slouching😣

  13. This looks really good. Will try it.

  14. For these workouts will it help gain upper body strength even without weights?

  15. Faith B says:

    Where can u show this 61 yr old female some leg strengthening and ab exercises using these? Just bought a 3 pack of various strengths? Out of shape here and had a stroke 1.5 yrs ago and use an upright/recumbant bike with live classes too.

  16. F_moss_3 says:

    This is amazing and so useful! Thank you for this workout

  17. EolicoJM says:

    look a those gluteus maximus!

  18. Fantastisk! Best ever!

  19. I can't stretch the band that far out or maybe my ams are not that strong

  20. I love these exercises.!!!

  21. The Live Fit Girl Hello 😀💕. What size is the gray band?

  22. Norma Vega says:

    Intentaré hacerlo a ver cómo me va ✨

  23. I love the band around the arms. I don't use the band much in the classes I teach, but I think I should start. Great workout!

  24. Emiliano G says:

    These leagues are good for exercises, I am doing them and I see progress. I leave you the link of the leagues:

  25. Hey Deanna, I love this routine (thanks!) but there's no link for the printable version. That would be great please 🙂

  26. Paige Lewis says:

    This was great! Thank you!

  27. Different things to do with the band~love it! Thanks!💪

  28. La Que Sabe says:

    How many times a day can we do this workout ?

  29. I don't see the printable routine… Do I need to sign in to see it? I am a subscriber. Confused. Thanks.

  30. Lynn Crowley says:

    I thought really good!!

  31. Hannah Tyson says:

    This is just what I looking for! The perfect arm workout

  32. Just bought bands from Walmart and doing these exercises, good stuff

  33. can you please tell your IG ?

  34. Thank you so much! I am a dancer stuck at home during shelter-in-place in San Francisco. I love your exercises and energy. Thank you for helping me stay strong and sane. 🙂

  35. Music&Movies says:

    I just bought "Resistance loop band" It's not an easy exercise for me, who is 67 years old, but if I watch this video every day, I think I can develop and become healthier every day. Deeply grateful for the 11 minutes and 55 seconds video.

  36. Is it right that on the 3rd my shoulders where clicking and crunching?????;(

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