Workout For Skinny guys || How to Build Muscle || Ectomorph workout Plan – ( Venkat Fitness )

Workout For Skinny guys || How to Build Muscle || Ectomorph workout Plan – ( Venkat Fitness ) Telugu Certified Fitness Trainer.

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Hello Everyone Welcome to venkat fitness, Today we are going to talk about the topic actom of Bodies means they are called hardgainers, they are also called skinny people. If you are struggling a lot but not gaining the muscle for them let’s talk about them today. 

How many types of bodies we have we need to know. There are three types of bodies they are ectomorph, mesomorph, and Endomorph. All will think that there are only three types But No. WHO has proved scientifically that there are 88 sub types of bodies. 88 sub types will be like Endomeso, Mesoecto like this. So now I am not going to tell about all the types and make you confused. 

Today We are Going to talk about the topic ectomorph body. Purly why muscle of ectomorph body were not gaining. To increase the muscle what precautions and need to know how there body functioning is. What nutrition they must take. How they must design their exercise pattern. While doing how many sets they need to do. Let’s talk today. 

So ectomorph bodies compared to other bodies, metabolic rate is a bit high. Like all the people, receptors are the same for them. But Stimulants are a little bit less. So because of that the signals passing from receptors slowly so muscle gain will be slow. So as coming to their look they look like athletic bodies.  For Example people who does long run, Marton running people, Six feet height people,  in that type there bodies will be. For Endurance and cardiovascular exercise the will work perfectly. But coming to muscle building they don’t work because they have type 1 muscles more.  Because of having less type 2 muscle fibers  they cannot lift heavy weights. So coming to the point these types of bodies you will be seeing on magazine cover pages. Very Tall with Six Packs you will looking into it.  For Them Basically they have very less facial fat.  Because metabolic rate is high so facial fat will be less, limbs and legs are very lengthy and skinny. 

You know how they must design their exercise routine. Isolations movements means single joint movements  they must avoid.  Without concentrating much on that.  Multi joint movements that are compound movements Mobility workouts only they must concentrate mainly. Because of that over all body growth and overall body strength will increase. Every muscle will be activated and muscle will gain.  

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