Pre Workout Meal, Blood Pressure, DNA & Biochemistry

Quick rundown of my current pre workout meal and my favourite ‘superfood’ for improving blood pressure, homocysteine levels and a basic primer on MTHFR polymorphisms

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27 Responses

  1. Great video Eugene! What are your thoughts on juicing the beetroot? My mom loves juicing and probably wouldn't eat beetroot unfortunately. But juicing it she may could take it in. Thanks

  2. Aexoero V says:

    Too much science in a meal! Just eat and dont it shite. Golden era guys didnt knew all this info about food and they were better bodybuilders than this generation have!! We over complicate things nowadays even when comes to training not just eating.

  3. Raw beetroot or cooked which is more effective? Gold info thank you for sharing.

  4. Panchon says:

    This beetroot hipe in pre workout supplements is intense ,anyways i use beetroot powder in my workout drink bottle with water-juice mixture .

  5. Omkar Bobde says:

    Do you provide fitness course?

  6. Hi Eugene, what is your preferred product to supplement with Trimethylllysine?

  7. I love that you post about gut health, please post more 😀

  8. James Chang says:

    Glad I found this channel! Looking forward to more awesome content Eugene!

  9. datzed says:

    Hey Eugene, any details of how you slow cooked the osso bucco? Wrapped in foil in the oven?

  10. beef wasn't the best choice of meat intake….

  11. Great video, nice to hear your explanation on the MTHFR. I have C677T detected. I like your tip on beetroots I am going to trail this out. Do you think its best to eat beets raw or cooked?

  12. João Lopes says:

    Nice content… already a fan 💪

  13. Subbing through Jon Meadows – I have respect for you Eugene 🙂

  14. Jj Dunham says:

    Could we get your recipe

  15. Appreciate all your efforts Eugene keep bringing the goods brus Quality Content!

  16. ICasuallyOwn says:

    Keep the content flowing man! Would love to see more content on your favourite books/ or just general good reads

  17. ICasuallyOwn says:

    Keep the content flowing man! Would love to see more content on your favourite books/ or just general good reads

  18. dane says:

    i always thought you should avoid protein before you train?

  19. Another great video Eugene!

  20. would love to know more about your programming and theory! why you do x amount of sets, x amount of reps, this particular exercise, not another exercise etc etc thanks!

  21. J Bizzle says:

    Genes are not destiny. Just because someone has an SNP does not mean it is being expressed. Epigenetics determines that 😉 It may not even be expressed in someone with the SNP if they have the proper lifestyle in place

  22. Michael Le says:

    this sort of content is good eugene, thumbs up

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