Full Week Workout Plan for Weight Gain – Workout plan for beginners | Anish Fitness

Full Week Workout Plan for Weight Gain – Workout plan for beginners | Anish Fitness

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Anish Fitness

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48 Responses

  1. Crick Tech says:

    What is your height bro

  2. Dam bro @ 8:42. You are all muscle💪😱

  3. Waa😍😍😍😍😍

  4. Hey bro you remember me?
    Love you bro ❤

  5. Perfect video bro nice physique good shape you have a great bodybuilding career ahead of you🙏🏻💪🏻

  6. Percy Juyal says:

    Hasi agyi bhai tujhe dekh ke😂

  7. Rolly RZN says:

    Nice video brother keep it up❤️👍

  8. Md Ehtesham says:

    Bhai apka bicep size Kitna h??…….. lovely vedio ,love from delhi

  9. I follow on your plan…love u bro❤💞💪

  10. My age 15 can I start workout?
    Height 5.6ft
    Weight 52kg

  11. Chhatra lama says:

    Bro le video chai k bata edit garxa …?🤔bhanna milxa ra bro plz⚘💜 love it bro🔥

  12. Bro aap protein le rahi ho ya gainer

  13. What is your body weight

  14. abdul rahman says:

    What is the weight of your dumbbell bro

  15. Recap Time says:

    You are getting bigger day by day ❤️❤️

  16. Sam Bhusare says:

    Bhai aap ka diet plan kya he …….or aap ka weight kitna he …

  17. Zeeklando says:

    If you do this workout do you gain weight

  18. Xasan Raage says:

    Your back is very nice proh keep going you are my forote am from saomlia

  19. Thank you Broo….❤❤keep up the hard work

  20. પાની ગરમ પીના‌ ચાયે કે ઠંડા

  21. Best channel fitness thanks bro follow gabon in cameroun

  22. Bro what is your current weight in lbs? And your height also age ? Btw nice workout grind more mostly in your diet plan.

  23. Your body is shape pro please write the best work out plane in week in two mascle thanks we support you

  24. Ivan Mustang says:

    good video brother I liked your exercise routine I'm going to apply it in my routines

  25. Anish bro I watch you a lot all I'm asking for a shoutout please I need support ❤👍I will also help you get more subscribers can you help me get more

  26. Lucky Henam says:

    Anish you are genius in motivation 👍👍

  27. Sajan Khurma says:

    Why taining too light weight?

  28. Xandro says:

    body looks amazing, but try adding some more weight to your bench and you will see a massiv increase in your chest

  29. I am of 12 year old i have 6 pack and have body ,i like your video i am from india

  30. Weight lose ko nu routine banauna paryo

  31. Treino top de mais ✌💪💪

  32. Tallsay D says:

    Motaaunaa ko lagi mailaa 1 month samaa khayaa taraa kaai faraak xainaa
    Malaai sablaay hepxan my height is 6.4 bro but I'm so slim
    Please give me tips kasari motaaunii vanaraa
    Jati khayaa ni lagdaainaa
    Ma poll jasto dekhxu slim vayaraa kte lay ni xordyo jolay ni hepxa bro
    Tell me kasari motaaunii protein khanaai parxa ? ,K k khanu parxaa?
    Plz reply my cmt
    I'm from Aanbookhaireni Tanahun

  33. Harish A says:

    Bro please don't feel bad I Am also training the same split one suggestion is that train your upper abs on push day and lower abs on pull day because when you train your legs your legs will be helling so you can't give your 100% on your abs and you have gained some little amount of far

  34. Thank you so much for this video Also bro love you bro. You are awesome. Love from Dang Nepal

  35. Khatarnak bro
    Your body is awesome 👍👍👍👍👍👍

  36. Sakshu Bahi says:

    Bhai hindi me vedio bnaya karo

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