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Beta Alanine – Benefits, Dosage, Side Effects :

Citrulline vs Citrulline Malate:

Top 4 Supplements for Fat Loss :

Home Made Protein Shake :

Egg Yolk and Cholesterol Myth –

Top Protein Sources for Vegetarians :

All About Nutrition run by Arpit Mangal, a certified Sports Science & Nutritionist is here to provide you in-depth knowledge on food and supplement selection, macronutrient ratios, micronutrients and bust human myths related to supplement, digestion and metabolism of food.

Please Note: All the videos and informations provided through this channel are science based and not bro science based

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25 Responses

  1. Sachha insaan hai bhai tu! πŸ’ž Bohot tarraaki karo bhai πŸ‘ŒπŸ’– Love you

  2. Just fab bro.. Love from Pune #Arpit bro

  3. Hi that's very good info. But I have question … U say soya/ mong is slow in digestive but finally they will add it as a protein right . I understand soya may not be fast in digestive but at the end of the day they gets added as a full protein. Which I believe. Correct me if I am wrong.

  4. Akash Bhatt says:

    Can I add soya protein at nite time proteen.

  5. Great information always you have πŸ‘

  6. sreeju0071 says:

    Exact information…well done sir..

  7. 100 subscriber from my side ….

    Love u from panatnagar UTTRAKHAND

  8. Mey Biotech ka student hu… mey aapki jyada help toh nhi kr sakta… but jitna meney padha hai… post workout aap whey and eggs le toh vo bahoot effective hoga… and pre workout aap agar hard protein.. good fats and good carbs khaogey.. toh vo combination best hoga.. kyuki pre workout mey jo carbs hongey… fats hongey… vo aapki body mey glycogen (energy) banaengey jissey aap heavy and effective workout kr sako… or post workout… jab body resting phase mey hai… tab aap whey and eggs consume karo… kuch log juice ya glucon D and all after workout recovery ke lie le lete hai… jo ki theek nhi… kyuki after workout aapki body ko Protein lekr rest krna chahiye… na ki carbs and sugars ya glucose se treat hona…… I hope this is fruitful πŸ˜ŠπŸ™πŸ» for queries related post and pre workout.

  9. Prince Yadav says:

    Sir after work out hamare blood me glucose,aur liver me glycogen, dono kam hote hai aur just after excercise whey protien lenge to whey protien blood glucose ko primarly fill karega uske bad muscle repair isse hamara whey protien barbad ho jayega is par research bhi ho chuki hai…is par apna suggestion de sir???

  10. Akshay Gulia says:

    Are you talking about anabolic window?

  11. Yahi baat mai apne ghar walo ko batata hu to mujhe gaaliyan padti h πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  12. Sir ON whey ka review kijiye

  13. gamer bhai says:

    Log bina paise kharche saste mai body aur gf banana chahte hai jab ki aae namumkin hai samajhte nahi baat ko☺️

  14. Sir mai post workout ke baad 5 egg khata hoon sur 5 minute ke baad ghar me ba na ya hu va milk aur oats peanut butter banana badam ka shake pi ta hoon kya ye sahi ye.

  15. Sir eggs main To Yolk hota hai aur Yolk mein fat aur fat to sabse slow digesting Hota Hai to eggs kaise post-workout mein hua??

  16. Very essential video covering the basic mistakes….Thanks again.

  17. Bro, baaki YouTubers mention karte h "low budget post workout meal". Kuch na khaane se acha, kuch khaana hota hai. So, jinka Budget Kam h ya Jo log vegan h, unke liye soya chunks are the best cuz it's the cheapest source of protein.
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  18. Rinku Saini says:

    I am not agree with u kyuki overall calories aur protein matter karta hai ek fast absorbing shake lene se kaya hoga aur slow fast se koi farak nai padta

  19. Post workout meal me egg white le ya hole egg?

  20. Binay Thakur says:

    Sir you and guru mann have great knowledge in terms of nutrition

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