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  1. AASTHA GOYAL says:

    Hlo I want to talk with you plz connect with me on facebook or instagram as Aastha goyal I had already sent message to you plz see the msg and reply plz 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  2. Rajitha Raji says:

    I have disk problem i do this work out mam?

  3. Eva Garcia says:

    That was great! I felt the burn 🔥🔥🔥❤️❤️❤️thank you

  4. Sorry……. i asked that will the belly will reduce if we do this exercise????

    Please reply

  5. Sowmya Pathi says:

    In how many days can we loose belly fat

  6. Satish Ch says:

    Mam, can we do this workout daily?or 3-4days in a week please reply me madam thanks for your workouts

  7. I have 8 months old baby in cesarion, I can do the excerssies ?plz reply

  8. Rupal Shah says:

    Please upload for saggy chest and Arm

  9. lala s says:

    So nice can u pls make video for breast size reduction

  10. Nayab Shoaib says:

    I had a c section 6 months ago can i do this excersice ????

  11. I have same hanging belly .is this exercise effective ?anyone tried this .in how many days we can see the results ?one set is enough?

  12. Bryce Somoza says:

    is it safe to do these workouts during period?

  13. Priya Priya says:

    Please side fat hip fat please tell me

  14. JO H says:

    Exercise for bringing body in shape after spine injury recovery doing normal all house work exercise normally but sometimes pain occur

  15. Weekly how many days this workout doing mam

  16. How many times in a day have to do this miss??

  17. I am 23 age from weight 80 inda exersice panna weight loss and belly fat kurayuma

  18. How many should doing set? mam

  19. Ashma K.C. says:

    Please upload something for muffin top and love handles too ❤️

  20. One doubt.if I do this work out wil my weight wil reduce r oly my belly.because I am Lien already but belly c-section is there.pls reply

  21. N Tahir says:

    I have round bulge belly how many reps per week will work for me?

  22. Спасибо большое! Занимаюсь вместе с Вами!

  23. Estoy muy feliz con tus vídeos me an hecho un extraordinario efecto te lo agradezco soy tu fans soy del País de Ecuador del cantón El Guabo provincia del Oro gracias mil gracias

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