10 Minute Butt and Thigh Workout – No Equipment Lower Body Workout

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23 Responses

  1. This was great after a run!

  2. deannecruz1 says:

    Thank you so much Kelli for your easy to follow and effective workouts. Since Quarantine and gyms closed, I'm always mixing up your quick workouts with other ones. Following along with your videos makes me feel accomplished and really good about myself. Keep up the excellent work and I appreciate you. =)

  3. is it smart to workout with nails on

  4. Storm R says:

    Ouch this is killer after a 45 min kettle bell and six pack abs work out.. omg my legs 🦵 😣

  5. Hey my lower back is pains after doing march and kick..is it my posture thats going wrong..

  6. oka says:

    Hello! In the third exercise (Lunge kicks) I felt that my upper leg muscle working more than any other. I didn't felt anything from the butt muscles. Is it okay? What might I was doing wrong? How can I improve it? Sorry for my English. Thanks 🙂

  7. Hiyori says:

    this was a killer workout!!!! Loved it, perfect to be combined with other 10 min rounds

  8. Lisa Edwards says:

    Thanks so much for this quick workout! The kiddo woke up early and I was really NOT motivated to work out and then I told myself just 10 min – I can do it. It’s better than nothing! Thanks so much!

  9. Rhonda Reese says:

    Can I start out doing 30's then work up to the 50's. I haven't worked out for several years

  10. Aba Promma says:

    Not good for the knees

  11. Thank you for not cutting when you lost your balance. And when you were sweating. And I think m going to wait a while before I try this one again (just starting out).

  12. For a ten minute workout this was pretty tough. But I was tough today, too. So I am proud. Thanks for being such a motivating channel! 😍

  13. Katherine I says:

    Oof, this one's a little too tough for me.. I suck at lunges

  14. okinoboo says:

    Thanks for being amazingly fit and sporty but also sweating as much as I am omg! Great workout thank you!

  15. i feel like dying seriously 😀 thanks so much for sharing this workout! 🙂

  16. Da'Ja Smith says:

    FitnessBlender: These are the best 10 minute abs and glute workout for home or anywhere.

  17. Alice Dobie says:

    Love this can feel the burn in the leg bridges my bum feels tighter and my stomach is definitely flatter, go to the gym but always need to do an good workout video got to grow my bum . Love these simple effective videos to get an bigger bum, tighter abs curvy body they rock.

  18. Pippa87 says:

    I've only ever done the cool down from fitness blender but Sparkpeople recommended you so I thought I'd try a 10 min video. Loved this and I fully intend to alternate with Blogilates!

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