When should you have a pre-workout meal prior to a workout?

Dave Palumbo answers this and more questions on a recent episode of #askDave, RXMuscle’s 30-min Q&A show, where RXMuscle fans get to ask questions via the RXMuscle Instagram page (@official_rxmuscle) and the Dave Palumbo Experience app.

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22 Responses

  1. m v says:

    Enough reuploads and enough of Bradley Martin's bullshit pre-workout YouTube ad, dudes late to the fucking party claiming his cookie cutter product is better than the same shit that's been out for 20 years actin like his non proprietary blend is something new, dudes a fucking joke and should be contacted by the better business bureau, better yet contacted by the mob and throw in the trunk

  2. Annnnnnnd here come the plugging in the very first opening line

  3. Fasting for like 15 hours since last meal before workout seems no problem.

  4. casey ash says:

    Garbage Advice.
    Didn't even mention gastric emptying.
    There is a way to structure a pre+workout meal up to four hours before you start.

  5. Vincent says:

    I lift on an empty stomach and take preworkout and bcaa intra, anyone know if this is bad for losing weight.

  6. Jesus Conde says:

    Fully agree!! 👏👏👏👍💪

  7. I think theres some studies done about taking carbs while workout. It affected on the time you need to recover from workout.

  8. J J says:

    Snake oil salesman

  9. Does the body really absorb intra workout supplements ????? Wouldn’t you want to save money and it’s probably best to focus on the 24-48 hr food/nutrition intake prior that’s going to dictate how well your workout will be. Do you think artificially made supplements are going to absorb as well or better than real whole food. As Dave would say “don’t do anything cooky!” If you have somebody or something telling you, that your can train harder and better, you will. #placebo

  10. SussNit says:

    Why hasnt anyone mentioned the amount of blood required to digest n break down the food ingested pre workout. I find 1hr 30 min to be optjmal for me with a super fast metabolism where training performance wont be hindered by a full stomach

  11. nelson munce says:

    The supplement industry really does tie itself in knots at times. *Company A: Will sell you a stim preworkout, that should be 'stacked' with the non stim pre workout, for mind blowing energy, power & pumps. Then they will push an intra workout, that contains Eaa/Bcaa & some nitric oxide & carb sources, to promote recovery & increase pumps. Then a post workout product will be pushed for 'muscle recovery'. So why do we need an intra workout, unless replenishing electrolytes & if doing endurance/crossfit? Just take an all in one pre, electrolytes intra and some good quality whey/carbs/creatine post workout.

  12. HJC Car says:

    Dave you forgot to mention the App…..redo the video

  13. Chris K says:

    early in the morning…wake up at 4.30 then coffee and a iso-whey shake…60 min later i start workout!

  14. I train for 2/3 hours and… Having a good meal with salt + my daily vitamines is an absolute must have. And I had seen nothing by taking something on intraworkout just good old water is the best.

  15. Meal timing does not matter. It's not like you eat something and 10min later it arrives at your muscles etc 😅😅😅

  16. You try training Dorian Yates system and your body will be crying out for electrolyte's fast acting carbs like citrodextrin and creatine , buffers, Amino's ect. after only 15 minutes ,AND This water only is just as good theory is cave man stuff and we can certainly feel the difference when taking a Intra workout our choice has been Size ON by Gasparii nutrition it.makes you have more power more strength and become full by hydration of the muscle also intra cell by Primevil labs is good as well but you get less carbs , So taking a Intra workout has been proven to definitely work and give you the edge.You need💪

  17. Mal Abo says:

    Water is the best pre workout lol

  18. Daniel Quinn says:

    I like to at least have some BCAAs if I'm just waking up.

  19. jeff B says:

    Can you have Kenny Ko on your show? Please?

  20. Stinks says:

    How about that Titan Medical ? LMAO 😂

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