Back Workout with Weights – Back Exercises for Women

Try this back workout with weights to pump up the intensity and lose your unwanted back…
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23 Responses

  1. Thanks again Gymra awesome work really enjoyed it.

  2. I'll be back says:

    Just what I needed. Will be coming back often.

  3. Phongtastic – what else?! And wow, watch the end to see a demo of Phong's skill…Also, go Tatiana, an excellent 'trainee'.

  4. Narniaru says:

    Very clearly explained. Thank you!

  5. cookie says:

    I have done gymra workouts since years, and yea I can say Phing is the best, pleasant personality, he doesnot shout like Louise.. He explains so well.. and they are top effective exercises… I like Christy Kurry but Phon is number 1 in all exercises …when he is with Tatiana is even better guarantee the exercises are going to be top !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Random Gurl says:

    Anyone saw results? I have a fat back and I want to burn fat on my upper back

  7. I love Phong´s Workout!!! Great trainer, routines well explained and complete… Thanks GymRa!!

  8. salanee says:

    can you make wotkouts without music?  it is excelent workout but with this music like in supermarket I couldn't concentrate and turn off sound.

  9. Mila Alvarez says:

    I really enjoy his workouts! And, she's so beautiful I can only get inspired and push a little harder 😉

  10. Sylwia Kuc says:

    I looooove workouts like this <3

  11. Jaemie Sures says:

    I really like Phong's workout. I did his booty workout the other day and totally noticed the difference! By far one of the best trainers.

  12. Jessica K says:

    I love all of Phongs wo's! He is a great trainer!

  13. Candace Dawn says:

    I wish Phong would have mentioned what lb weights Tatiana was using. I would like to see more work-outs targeting the back.

  14. Silvia Akiva says:

    Thanks for this video! I love this workout! Want to see more burn back fat video and burn fat arm video! Thank you.

  15. Love it. Great video 👍

  16. phong and christine khuri are awsome trainers

  17. All the good advice that you give during the workouts are appreciated . Thanks.

  18. Really random question: what clip on mic do you use for recording? Thanks!

  19. Lexy B says:

    Omg I made it all the way through will do this all week so inspiring starting my journey to day(again) lol Thank you!!!!

  20. how many times a week? thanks!

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