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46 Responses

  1. Vitality says:

    Biochemist here:
    This workout schedule is amazing.

  2. Taliah Jade says:

    1: squat (quads, calves) 2: chest+ tri (push) 3: back+bicep (pull) 4: deadlift (glutes, hamstrings) 5: rest day Trying to get stronger legs as a female… hope this works out🤩 thank you✨🤸🏽‍♀️

  3. Taliah Jade says:

    I just got diagnosed with SMAS (my mesenteric fat pad is gone because my type 1 diabetes took off 60lbs of my lean mass) hopefully following this split will help me recover because it’s life threatening. Ty much appreciate this💗

  4. I do chicken legs day then rest then hit the chicken chest day right after.

  5. After chest day, no way I can do back. Can't even lift my hands up. Might have to mix this split around👍🏼

  6. Can you make a schedule for the workout at home without equipment ?

  7. Hello, there!

    Thanks a lot for this video!!!

    How to combine your videos to create this sequence? Do you intend to create a playlist with videos using this training sequence?

  8. Can you tell us what exercises you are doing?? Sheesh

  9. Need a workout excercise sheet for this please hurry thx

  10. Do you have a workout program for this?? I need to know what exercises tanks

  11. Oscar Duran says:

    When do you have cheat days?

  12. Darius Ward says:

    Can you put up a calisthenics program that matches this schedule? Your workouts are awesome (almost 4 moths in). Even a close friend of mine (who body builds and trains people) thinks your stuff is truly legit. I’m recommending people to the bully nation

  13. If I do cardio on the rest day is that over training ?

  14. Hey ! You mentioned placing legs a day before a particular muscle group you want to work on. If glutes are what im working on am I able
    To do legs again? Or glute focused workouts?

  15. I'm about to get started from ground zero. Your video explained everything. Now I will be all set to get going.

  16. I prefer 3 on 1 off 2 on 1 off.

  17. Noel Doe says:

    If you dont mind me asking how many sets for each days workout for example 3 sets for chest 3 sets for tri's? I understand this may vary for each person?

  18. Evan R. says:

    The wisdom is unreal

  19. Jay D says:

    What about ab day

  20. Bully when you doing abbs?? Every day or??

  21. Will Pagan says:

    Download an app called (calorie munch out) on the apple app store is a great way to monitor your family's daily calorie count

  22. T.Honda says:

    i like this split, altho Monday is national chesticle day

  23. Loner Stoner says:

    Crazy to have a physique like bully juice and be under 200 lbs

  24. Yuuto says:

    When is for the abs

  25. rai foster says:

    So pretty much if I want to get the most benefits from ab workouts, I should schedule it after a leg day

  26. V K says:

    Very clear and informative. Keep it up man!

  27. Bully juice do u take any creatine?

  28. Jon PTV says:

    How many different exercises should I do for each muscle? On Chest&tris day how many different ones should I do?

  29. Duane Rhoden says:

    when do you incorporate ab workouts? or is that daily area of focus?

  30. brungx says:

    That leg day testosterone shit you said is some bro science lmao

  31. Ryan Patrick says:

    Yea man my biggest gains was being deployed also. Thank you for your service fellow brother. Keep up the good work

  32. Man you are my fitness role model
    Thank you for doing what you do

  33. AEtheGOD says:

    how tf are 177lbs? wait how tall are you? cause im thin and 177 is just 2 months of gym time for me

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