SIMPLE, Essential Strength Training Workout for Women over 50 ✨ Pahla B Fitness

ALL standing, NO cardio | DUMBBELLS | MODERATE workout | INCLUDES warm up and cool down

The science is clear: during and after menopause, women are prone to losing muscle strength and bone density, resulting in a risk for falls, broken bones and loss of independence. Scary, right??

But the fabulous news is that YOU can prevent bone and muscle loss with SIMPLE STRENGTH training workouts like this one!

We’re enjoying complex (but non-complicated!) exercises using multiple muscle groups for a super efficient and effective muscle- and bone-building routine that takes just under 25 minutes!

Repeat this workout (or something like it, with slow and controlled strength exercises using moderate to heavy dumbbells) 2-3x per week for best bone density and strength results.

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Interval timer is set for 40 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest (this is NOT a HIIT workout, I just didn’t want to count reps); complete the circuit twice


Step Back Press Ups
Side Step Curls
Bent Over Flys
Tipping Stars
Dead Squats
Wide Open High Knees
Front Raise / Side Raises
Peek a Boo side Steps
Delt Raise Side Kicks
Side Bends

Drinky Birds



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31 Responses

  1. Miracle Girl says:

    Perfect for me today, cold as heck and a nice way to warm up! Question…I love drinkie birds, too, you mention foot at the ground, is it ok to POINT the foot? Ballet from DECADES ago wants my foot to point. It doesn't go the the side. Thanks! SFG!

  2. Julie Levin says:

    I was out of sync with the weekly workouts so decided to 'catch up' and start with Monday. Thinking of one week weight loss, one week body shaping. Yes? No?

  3. Awesome workout. Thank you!

  4. ShelaghAnn says:

    Love it! At 50 years old I still enjoy moving my body every day, although it has been several years since I worked out with weights on a regular basis. I've done this workout twice now and it's been a really great re-introduction to strength training. I will definitely be back for more Pahla B! Thanks so much!

  5. Hey Pahla. Your optimism and motivation is very infectious. I tend to laugh with you when you crack those jokes. Today's weight cum balance session was very doable. Thank you dear.

  6. JEAN RAMIREZ says:

    LOVE THIS!!! I can't get down on the floor but I think I've made an upright version variations of the floor stretches that are similar. Please keep that in mind in future videos. Love the slightly slower pace that I can keep up with. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!

  7. Aaaah! Another terrific workout!

  8. Jackstng says:

    Hey, I like drinky-birds !!!! That was great, thank you Pahla!

  9. Loved IT I'm almost 48 and menopausal and this is really perfect for my body. Thanks again😘👍💪

  10. Funny story – I work out without my glasses, and I’m doing this one in October. I see your orange timer on the side and think “that’s fun, she has a cute pumpkin on the screen for Halloween.” 😂😂😂

  11. Monica Lowy says:

    This was perfect–just enough of a weight workout today. Your creativity for all the workouts really is endless!

  12. Denise says:

    Thanks so much Pahla

  13. Gaby Szabo says:

    Loved the workout, and the message as well: “U don’t have to knock yourself out to get results.” I liked switching weights between moves, but it can also work well with one moderate set of DBs. Thank u!

  14. Janet K. says:

    Am I turning into a stud? I was able to do this workout with three-pound weights with absolutely no problem at all. Also, I paid extra attention to pulling in my core really strongly and engaging my glutes to take the pressure off my lower back for the deadlifts. It really made a difference, and I felt as though the "helper muscles" weren't getting in on the action, which is good. See you in the next workout, Pahla.

  15. Loved this one. As I did a push day yesterday, I decided to do the stress relief stretch video after this. I felt so relaxed I nearly fell asleep. Such a wonderful feeling. 🙂

  16. Mary Bisagno says:

    Can I tell you: I do love drinky birds! Jacks, single leg, I love them. 💕😊 Thank you.

  17. Erica Denice says:

    Your workouts are really good, but I wish you had music with them. It helps so much with workout motivation.

  18. Loved this one. Just the right amount of strength and balance of which I need both. Thank you Paula. Love your video’s.

  19. 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

  20. I think this alternating with the knee free endurance cardio is a good plan for me. Though I did find the start up of endurance was a little too much for me so slowing the first set on that was better for me…again I am 71 so it is a joint du jour lifestyle.

  21. Good morning! Another fantastic strength training routine! I had no idea just how much I’d love strength training, but for me, it’s everything.
    Thank you so much Pahla for all you do. Adding this one to my weekly routine!
    ❤️ from Arizona!

  22. This is a wonderful workout!! Feeling great now♡👐

  23. With the weights, I felt I had more control as if they provided a counter balance! Crazy…right?

  24. Biome M says:

    As usual, a great workout and just what I needed at the end of this foggy fall day (even my nemesis: drinkie-birds). I really appreciate the simple truth you shared regarding the body's only physiological response to stress being fat retention. So important to know this. Thanks Pahla!

  25. Love the strength training – it is so much more doable when you are guiding us. Also, love your outfit. Thanks for getting me through a Monday.

  26. Used my heavier weights with this for my push day!

  27. Using 2 lb or 5 lb weights?

  28. nour kaki says:

    how many calories does it burn please?

  29. MrsVeniti says:

    I am so grateful that I found you. I am actually 23, but I am recovering from 1.5 year long foot injury. I've always been fit and it is so hard for me that all normal "beginner" trainings are too hard. And all "static, no cardio" actually have some cardio. I'm very glad that I finally found a great starting point for getting back to my normal level. Thank you so much ❤️

  30. Saw this in my box!!!! 💕 Yes!, thank you

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