20-Min Arm Workout for Women Over 40

Blast your triceps, biceps and shoulders with this quick arm workout for women over 40.

This 20-minute Arm Workout is gonna torch your triceps – as well as the rest of your arm and your shoulders.

And how do I know this?

Cause mine were done by the end of the workout. Done like dinner 🍝

For this arm workout, we will focus on compound moves that use your arm muscles (plus more) for the first four moves, follow that with four arm isolation exercises and then finish our arms completely with a ladder drill.

I find this type of training, compound to isolation, really effective!

Tools: a pair of moderate dumbbells

1. Tricep presses
2. Renegade rows (or alt shown)
3. Push up to child’s pose (or alt shown)
4.. Alt pistons
2 x 50sec

5. 2 way press
6. Alt across body bicep curls
7. 1 arm tricep push up
8. Other arm
2 x 40sec

9. Behind head tricep extensions
ladder-style 1 rep to 10 reps

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40 Responses

  1. Lookin forward to stuggling to lift my coffee tomorrow 💪🏼🤪! Great arm workout. Thanks!

  2. Rebecca Cass says:

    That was awesome. Thx.

  3. Nicole Vine says:

    Getting stronger by the day thanks to your incredible workouts PJ! xo

  4. Tamara M says:

    I have to say that it was such a sweet workout yesterday, so i am pretty much very surprised about the amount of the bitterness coming out of my mouth this morning 😂😂😂. Love you PJ, with or without the F.. Sh.. Mo.. Fu… Words, i tell them anyway😂😂❤️

  5. Some great ideas here would you mind if I stole some of the ideas for my gym ladies?? 🤷🏻‍♂️ ❤️ 🌹

  6. Triceps finisher all right👍🏻

  7. JAB says:

    That was a great arm workout PJ. I will definitely do this one again. Thank you so much.

  8. Clare O says:

    Holy heck. You may not have been dropping F bombs but I was 🤣 Wonderfully brutal workout, thank you 👍

  9. I have been working out with weights for 32 years ( since '88) & this one was a killer!! Thank you Always be yourself, P.J. I enjoy & DEPEND on your constant talking—it gets me through the workout. And the swearing helps too!!! 🙂 Thank you always, P.J.! Michele in Yokohama

  10. Sharon Davis says:

    Great arm workout. BTW… don’t mind your talking or f-bombs, lol 🤣

  11. Great arm workout! The ladder move is always a killer! for some reasons I always start out with the thought of "oh, this is not so bad" until we get to the 7th set.

  12. Great video! We are both in our 80's and feel better than ever! We are all about healthy aging — maintaining a strong body, a calm mind, and a very positive outlook. We are doing research for our new Healthy-Aging Advice YouTube channel to make it a success. Our hope is to inspire others. Learned a lot here. Thank-you.

  13. S Bakes says:

    It’s the talking and swearing – and of course the great workouts and instruction – that keep me coming back. I did both of the other workout channels you mentioned for well over a year each and every workout was pretty much the same with the same old conversation. You are relatable. Once I found your channel, I haven’t looked elsewhere. Everything I need is here.

  14. Eileen T says:

    Had to do quite a few modifications but it is done. Off to work!!!

  15. Suzanne Lee says:

    Burn baby burn, sure did.

  16. Omg my triceps have literally just packed up and bugger off, think they've ran away to join the circus. Wow those ladder triceps extensions are the bomb but very very hard going. Loved it. X

  17. It was great! I did it this morning in addition to my other workouts. Sexy arms is all we need, girl!😍💪👗

  18. Me says:

    My triceps are very strong now and I could keep up – the same weight and repetition as you! The only trouble I have of course is that permanent short bicep tendon injury, so I have to stay at 5 lbs. on that arm for certain exercises. (Triceps are just fine though.)

  19. Laura Beck says:

    Well this is one of those workouts that just hits the spot! Quick, tough enough, effective and most of all fun! The tricep finisher is quite challenging! Loved it!

  20. Wow- my arms are DONE! I can't believe I managed to keep my 12 pound weights for every move- definitely getting stronger (and all thanks to you PJ)!

  21. Did a small cardio and then this …feels great

  22. Sue S says:

    I did a Fit 15 cardio first and then this workout. I think it is the best quick intense arm workout I done ✅ Loved it, thanks PJ 💪

  23. Nice one! Quick but every effective! 👍

  24. Hey nice workout for upper body. But still am not going to gym so i have mo dumbbells at my home. Then how did i do this workout?please shair me link of weightless workout of upper body.

  25. Hey PJ. How tdo ypu maintain you pep n bubble for ever? I enjoy ur presence too. Your workouts are top class

  26. yes, no 19-Min fun cardio – but instead I found an old one with your hubby. fun – we want more of him.
    close to your hood – Ladner, BC

  27. AbbyNormal says:

    Awesome tricep burn ,from Lake Hopatcong, NJ!

  28. Enjoying your channel from Duncan, B.C.

  29. The 24 min cardio under Fit in 15 is a good warm up. It’s the one where George fell off the window seat 😂. The one arm push up was not as bad as it looked!!

  30. ok. I think my arms are cooked !

  31. Ruth V says:

    My triceps are quite strong but you still managed to burn mine out. Loved it!

  32. Definitely a tricep torcher!💪🔥 Way to wake up the arms! 😆

  33. I couldn't get the work out for Int/Adv that was offered.

  34. Day Family says:

    Morning! I couldn't get the link to work for the pre-cardio so I did 15 minutes on my elliptical instead. This was great! When I saw you set up for the 1-arm tricep push up I immediately said no way ( too much like the dreaded mermaid!) – but….. I didn't give in and tried it. I was so surprised how much stronger and able I was to do it!! A surprise know on my door from PJ is alway welcomed!

  35. S Bakes says:

    Can you provide the link to the fun, 19-minute cardio add on? The link in the Patreon email takes me to the arm workout. Thanks!

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