5 Easy Exercises To Shape Your Butt – Fitness With Namrata – Glamrs

Pilates expert Namrata Purohit has 5 easy exercises you can do everyday to shape your butt! This follow along tutorial with instructions is the perfect way to start toning your body if you are just getting into fitness. Pay attention to your form and close attention to her tips. She says by the time you are done with these exercises your Bum Will Be Smiling 🙂 After all, sexy butt is a dream wish of every girl 😉

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50 Responses

  1. Glamrs says:

    Thanks for watching! Make sure you subscribe and never miss a video:

    -Team Glamrs

  2. Momi Noor says:

    you have a sexy butt and fart from such a butt is really awesome.

  3. Hy namrita …2weeks age island msg to my problem…but didn't answer any kindly …suggest the exercise which I follow ur but confused what should..I do …

  4. Thank u so mcuh glarms i can feel burning by doing this exercises i will share my results love u glarms 😘😘

  5. Mam….I want to flat tummy…..major problem ….what should I do exercise daily kindly refer me plz query..

  6. Please make a video for thigh and arm fat burning … highly needed …🥺🥺🥺

  7. Im doing these exercises from last week but I have a quarry .. Will these exercises decrease my thigh size or my butt size…?? Because I just want to shape not to decrease the size of my butt and thighs.. ???? Please response ma'am

  8. Vilash Nathu says:

    Aamruta purohit Myam Happy Ganesh Chturthi pure parivarko Salam namaskar 9923441752

  9. Nicely explained and good exercises…
    Will definitely try them out….

  10. Namrata ji speak in Hindi please 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹💓🍓🍓🍓🍓🙏🙏

  11. Diso ji 🥃🥃🥃🥃🥃🥃

  12. Praveen HM says:

    Thank u, it's makes me strong dick

  13. 🙏🙏🙏

  14. Vinnu says:

    Hi madam will this exercise make butt thinner or makes time bigger

  15. Sester witching you is good for samall man is ricpcat to not e eat thanks

  16. Hey! Does this exercises helps to reduce butt ??

  17. Finally my butt size will increase . Thanks for your video

  18. Will it the size of butt mam ?
    Please reply 🙏

  19. Rajendra Das says:

    एक्सरसाइज हिंदी लैंग्वेज में पूरा सहयोग करे

  20. Suman Jyoti says:

    Breast sagging ko vapis kase lift kre eske liye video bnaye

  21. I did this daily and result is extremely effective thank you

  22. How will reduce belly fat please upload video mam😘

  23. Vry nice video….can I get some exercises for thighs…plzz…

  24. Hight badene ke liye bhi Kuch bataye plzzz

  25. Frst of all,before recommending any workouts u shud say whether it's suitable for all body types or not….ur workouts are absolutely contraindicated for hourglass shaped bodies…don't be sooo idiotic by not saying precautions or such contraindicated conditions…I spoiled my personality bcoz of ur exercises…I did for strengthening…but landed into disaster….as a trainer u have the responsibility to say such things….one of my friends broke vertebral body in lumbar region while doing this stupid workout…guys plz stay away from this shit….for a beautiful and strong feminine body I recommend Chloe ting and susana yabar's…go for it….ul love the changes

  26. Thank you so much it's really wark

  27. Saranya G says:

    Wid all these exercises my butt got toned and my tummy bcam flat

  28. Very nice vid n easy with great explanation ❤just love it

  29. emu suri says:

    Will it burn or shape butt recently I have done exercise to increase butt but it's now too much I don't want to burn I want only in shape will it work pllllzz reply

  30. With the first exercise i got pain in back

  31. Vaishali says:

    Does it helps to burn side thigh fat ?

  32. Exercise for love Handel's please

  33. This exercise reduce our buttock fat or not????

  34. Wonderful workout.
    I was not able to do all the repetitions you did but I know in time I will.
    I have tried other videos to trying to work out because I really need to loose some weight as well as to just be healthy and look good but it was hard following those videos.
    With video and especially the way u explain it, I was able to perform the exercises where I actually felt the burning in my muscles.
    Thank you so very much!!!

  35. shanu sharma says:

    Hi mam 👰can I do both the exercise for example.. Flat tummy or butt shape ..bcz mam when I did the exercise of flat tummy my hips and leg size is decrease

  36. Wow Amazing workout I am going to use this channel every time I do an exercise!

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