We need to work our entire body, including our face and neck! Join me for an AMAZING Double Chin Workout in real-time! Get ready to look YOUNGER with these facial toning exercises! Please LIKE, SHARE and COMMENT ❤


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44 Responses

  1. We need to work our entire body, including our face and neck! Join me for an AMAZING Double Chin Workout in real-time! Get ready to look YOUNGER with these facial toning exercises!

  2. I’m I the only one with a small short tongue.? Like whattt

  3. The bulldog expression part 😆

  4. Roger Smith says:

    Done this class every day since first lockdown.Love it. From Evelyn. in S. Wales. Great Britain (and also your arm exercises. Love them).

  5. Much Gratitude to you and the Huge POSITIVE IMPACT IN THIS WORLD—- you look amazing in pink!!

    Karen Sizelove-Murphy

  6. WoW! I’m going to try these for a while! How often should I do these? I’m 56 and don’t have a double chin but don’t want to get one! I do use sérums which are Bio (organic) from both L’Occitane and Korres. Ok, so how often shall I do the exercises? xx

  7. Thanks much. Just subbed. I’m 66 and have a double chin. Had to modify a bit because I didn’t want to get a sore neck, but I will persevere. I’ve done your standing crunch video and it’s great! I really hate doing crunches so now I won’t be able to avoid my core. 😉

  8. Diane Lain says:

    How often should we do these?

  9. Started this today..It is something how how you absolutely feel those never use neck muscles. I will do 3x a day and get back to you with results…ty for teaching us how to workout every part of our bodies.

  10. minde_ says:

    I always gave up halfway after doing it for 2-3 days, let me try if I can do it for the whole week!

    Day 1: Done!
    Day 2: Done!
    Day 3: Done!
    Day 4:
    Day 5:
    Day 6:

  11. you do not look inyour 40s at allllll .. nowdays i see teenagers that look older than you!!

  12. chun li says:

    her eyes look beautiful

  13. I've started Tracy's videos: bat wings, 100 squats, and this facial exercise since May. Helped me feel good during quarantine.

  14. This was wonderful, kissing the ceiling & sound effects has my husband wondering who I'm kissing lol! Love it!!!

  15. Thank you Tracy. Great chin redo!

  16. Katie Grady says:

    Does this actually work for anyone?

  17. Pamela Ann says:

    I recall my mom doing that vowel exercise back in the 80's.

  18. How are you in your MID FORTIES?? I was guessing like 30-32. You look super young!

  19. Nick S. says:

    I suffer from bruxism (clenching of the jaw/grinding the teeth) and I can tell some of these stretches are going to be great for relieving tension in my jaw and neck muscles too. Thanks!

  20. Smart Group says:

    This tungue excercise is ueseless

  21. Glad I found you!! Doing your exercises & hoping to help my arms especially plus my whole body!! This month is my birthday & determined to have a new me!! Thank you Tracy, you are fun to work with, love your personality!!

  22. koquicoqui says:


  23. Shaifali Mir says:

    Ys I remember six damm years ago …I m fainting after seeing you still rocking Tracy!!!

  24. yo yoli says:

    You're awesome, Tracy! Thank you for yet another fab workout! xoxo

  25. Do you have a facial routine for jowls…they're needing some help!

  26. Shatadal says:

    That pink tank top was your identity.. And I loved it 😁

  27. Shatadal says:

    Now you are looking more beautiful… 6 years ago you were looking older

  28. Zelda Moore says:

    Tracy, you still rock

  29. Hey Tracey what about preventing hunch back

  30. eve wright says:

    Hi Tracy, I feel like stretching my neck skin like this will make it more floppy. Am I wrong?

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