Kegel Exercises for Women and Men – Kegel Workout – Pelvic Floor Exercises

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41 Responses

  1. Kusu ksm says:

    Madam i have incomplete urination problem can i do this excercise mam

  2. Saba Pathan says:

    Hey thanks for explaining how to exactly do kegels!😃

  3. If anyone have drops of urine so is this exercise suitable for that person

  4. When I hold on 4th floor I feel horny/orgasm.I need help hahahaha

  5. Sae Arc says:

    Please visit made in USA wooden stretching tools to make these exercises easier and more effective by self adjustment!

  6. Перед сном це робив

  7. SUMAN HALDAR says:

    After C- Section posible?

  8. az az dzsanes pik anglis

  9. How many times should I do these exercises per day ?

  10. Love the squeezing hand and the images to show how to contract and release. Thank you for sharing @Kathy Smith Fitness

  11. shweta g says:

    Can pregnant girl do this

  12. 501Pato says:

    Good and interesting excersizes , without shoes even more relaxing..

  13. Shumi says:

    Nice kegel very smooth and very clear word

  14. Awesome you are so fit and beautiful….
    My GOD sexy lady princess….

  15. how many time I should do it daily?

  16. I can't do it properly. I squeez my hips

  17. my pelvic floor muscles are shot to s**t. :/ I had a baby 10 months ago, I'm 40. every time I think i'm doing it right, it just doesn't feel right, I miss my tight ass. Hahahahahahaha

  18. AZAZ AHAMED says:

    Clear and Intense explanation. Nice.

  19. wilwat9 says:

    Kathy at her best!!☝

  20. Kya pregnancy me try kr sky gain kegal excercise

  21. Niraj Garg says:

    Thanks. Very well explained

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