10 Minute Abs, Butt and Thigh Workout – Pilates Workout with No Equipment

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45 Responses

  1. Gretting from Georgia 🙈🇬🇪

  2. Very good exercises and your voice is very soothing kelly

  3. a was here says:

    That was insane! Did the entire workout with ankle weights, definitely felt it

  4. Wonder OFW says:

    Im .a fan since 2012,,,up to now,,I saw ur first vid when.im.working in TAIWAN,,.im here in Thailand now,,u still.have best vid..u dont have that noisy sound like other Fitness video now

  5. Charrooo says:

    Missed your workouts so much! Back at it 8 months having my little girl 💕

  6. Ma Suchil says:

    I'm just flopping on the ground

  7. Anitha reddy says:

    I want to lose weight which workout Will i do please suggest me

  8. Why guys you don't make new exercises I need more 😔😕

  9. Asthetic Lol says:

    My gym teacher is doing this for homework✌️😭

  10. Thanks, that was awesome 🙂

  11. Hi, I just subscribed to your channel.

  12. Healthi says:

    More workouts please fitness blender!!

  13. Can you do a 1000 calorie workout without jumping?

  14. Tsedeng TV says:

    very interesting, its worth watching.

  15. I love your videos! And you guys are one of the few people that think women are strong!

  16. Daniela Vilu says:

    hey guys. I love you both very much and I've been doing your exercises since February. Today I've injured my shoulder during a burpee. Any tips on HIIT workouts that doesn't strain the shoulder? I'd hate to stop working out until my shoulder is better.

  17. Jackie says:

    Hi Keli,
    Love your workouts.
    Out of interest can you add foreign language subtitles? I’d love to combine workouts with language learning.
    Keep up the good work and thanks again

  18. Youknowless says:

    Your videos have whipped me into shape over the years. Thank you and keep up the great work.

  19. BlackGoku says:

    Hopefully you guys will read my comment. I would like to say thank you guys for your efforts. Personally I have lost 17 kg so far and still 10 more kg to go to reach my goal. Just following your training in a few months made me realise not hard to reach my goal inside my house.
    I would love to see a training for back flexibility if you guys can make one. Its been months doing exercises with you guys but I still feel my back is still hard or stiff
    Thank you I love you guys

  20. ياقوت says:

    Kelli you are so cute

  21. M R says:

    Just wanted to say I watch your guys videos every other day at least and I love them. You’re both great at what you do, premium videos ❤️

  22. 2 years ago i did fitnessblender 6 days a week and was looking amazing and in the best shape of my life. The past 3 weeks i have gotten back into it and am already seeing and feeling the results! Im having so much fun with these workouts too. I really missed it. Fitnessblender for life!! 🌈

  23. 10 minutes toning my abs, butt, and thigh sounds like time well spent. And with this vid, you’ll do just that. Oh, and you can hop onto a Zoom meeting right after without looking like you just worked out too. No serious sweating here, folks.

  24. Hello
    This is Ramkumar from india . What combination of bodyweight exercises can I do in home and I am collapsed about in what order I should do and how many reps ????? And I am a little fat guy
    Please help me Fitness blender

  25. Another amazing workout!! Thank you!

  26. It’s fun easy efficient and amazing.

  27. Quick and Effective! Thank you! 🙂

  28. I am back to your workouts kelli.
    I lost 18 kgs in about 5 months with your workouts and clean eating. I felt so good everyday and had lots of energy.
    Then I went overboard. I started with my old bad eating habits and ate more than I needed. I stopped doing workouts. Gained 10 kgs back in 18 months.
    Then I tried a little of everything. I did skips meals for a week, tried intermittent fasting for a week, tried eating 1000kcals for two weeks. I failed at everything and nine if these suit me.
    Now it's been 2 weeks I am trying to fix my eating habits. I am trying to eat in portion and listening to my body.
    From today I'll start your workouts again and will do only 3-4 workouts a week as last time I did too much cardio and lost muscles.
    So I'll eat healthy now, listen to my body and will not overdo anything.
    Thankyou ❤️, your workouts really suit me. I feel wonderful after doing them.
    I'll be stronger this time and will update in a week or so.

  29. Tania Zhang says:

    Kelli I love your outfit in this one!!!

  30. Love you so much and really thank you for this video

  31. peteyrulz1 says:

    My absolute FAVORITE fitness channel! I love that you guys are quiet yet motivating. Always a challenge but you’ve made this 63yo quite fit during quarantine. THANK YOU so much!

  32. Judy Li says:

    Why have a gym subscription when you have Kelly?

  33. Excellent video! We are both in our 80's and are all about healthy aging. We still strive for a healthy body, a calm mind, and a positive outlook. And we feel better than ever! We are doing research for our new tiny YouTube channel and learned a lot here. Thank you and keep it going!

  34. I had my c-section 8mnth age can I do this exercise

  35. Haripriya R says:

    If you close your eyes, Kelly sounds exactly like Robin Scherbatsky. And I know that because I work out with FB while watching HIMYM.

  36. For the love of me, I cannot do the frogger lifts. I am following another one of your routines, which starts with them, and I am unable to do double reverse leg lifts. Any advise?

  37. Repeated this thrice…and feeling good. Thanks ❤️

  38. No gym,
    No trainer,

  39. Sister please send link. How to reduce butt size?

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