Fast Paced High Intensity Workout – Descending Ladder of Pain – HIIT Workout

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33 Responses

  1. Sure gets ur pulses going, thanks 😃

  2. Sure gets ur pulses going, nice thanks

  3. Wondering to see if it possible to link these exercises to my Google fit app. Thanks alot!

  4. Priya Singh says:

    this is effective enough that I went to sleep last night dreading having to do it today 😀

  5. after doing the 500 rep spartan workout .. this one feels easy ..

  6. Z Loves says:

    +FitnessBlender y'all should do a longer vid just like this! ♡

  7. Marina Mori says:

    Wow I made it!!! THANK YOU !!!

  8. damn damn damn I look sexy asf

  9. Tania Kohal says:

    Phew!!! Finished, but I had to take it slower, hope to build up to your pace Daniel! Thank you for the great videos. My schedule is so jam-packed right now so I really appreciate these short but intense workouts!

  10. Kawa Bata says:

    Reminds me of Sparta 1! Nice one, got me sweatin' .

  11. 2 days later and I'm still sore from this workout! I mean I'm feeling sore in places I haven't felt sore before, but it feels oh so good! Great workout in a small amount of time. Thanks for all your hardwork!

  12. Pei Qun Tee says:

    Ended at 11.40 mark of video. I'm so dead.

  13. Anna O says:

    Wow I did the whole thing with only about a 20 second break after round 5. I can't believe it!

  14. Ah man. This was awesome! I needed something quick and effective to squeeze into a busy day, and this was perfect. 🙂

  15. DjxMushixMu says:

    Couldn't exactly keep up…Had to stop a few times because I felt almost like I was gunna puke and that's kind of a big no no, lol…But, I'm just just gunna keep re-trying this one anyways every couple days or so. It really works out my arms more than anything and that's kind of what I'm focusing on.

  16. Thuan Nguyen says:

    awesome workout! 🙂 thanks

  17. kdanism says:

    Still one of my favorites !!

  18. Who would have thought we could do 55 burpees? Good Job people we can do it!

  19. Calories are based on your weight..

  20. I did this workout just now and I feel like I'm going to throw up it was so intense. Totally worth it!

  21. Jaleesa J says:

    Whew that wasn't easy! The first time I didn't complete it but today I did!!!!

  22. Loved it! I wanna do more. Thanks

  23. Juutje2111 says:

    Did this before an abs and then a strength routine and the pace was difficult to keep up, but it was again a lovely routine!

  24. jkoluch says:

    Man, they are NOT kidding with the brutal part. I am SOOOOOOOO sore today!

  25. I wasn't ready for this one 🙂

  26. That was intense! I underestimated this workout and it kicked my butt.

  27. I subbed rep 3 and 2 for some side and front planks to catch my breath and abbies

  28. Jael Stars says:

    I almost died but I finished this work out and now I'm so hungry….. it's a good sign? What should i do?

  29. Yeah i'm not gonna do this, i just came to see if anyone died from this routine. my knees are crying just watching daniel do this.

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