17 SLEDGEHAMMER Exercises | Full Body Sledge Hammer Workout

17 SLEDGEHAMMER Exercises | Full Body Sledge Hammer Workout

1. Sledgehammer Slam (0:33)
2. Sledgehammer Figure 8 (0:48)
3. Low Twist Hits (1:04)
4. Ditch Diggers (1:17)
5. Halos (1:40)
6. Pendulum Swings (2:00)
7. Front Squats (2:13)
8. Wood Choppers (2:34)
9. Lunge With Twist(2:56)
10. Overhead Lunge (3:15)
11. Squat Swings (3:31)
12. Kayakers (3:45)
13.Unilaterally Loaded Side Lunge (3:57)
14. Unbalanced Plank (4:16)
15. Uneven Push Up (4:26)
16. Sled(ge) Push (4:43)
17. Crawl with Pull Through (4:53)

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26 Responses

  1. Dear Madam,

    I watched your (17 SLEDGEHAMMER Exercises | Full Body Sledge Hammer Workout) instruction-video and I like it. My utmost respect for this. Good job! I hope I can inspire you back to watch my own 2 video's with my own version of challenging 'Sledgehammer Workout Variations'.

    (Part I) https://youtu.be/W0KJVJVakRc
    (Part II) https://youtu.be/N_RU_SnL7x8

    I hope it may provide you with new insights and inspiration. Check out lots more of my outdoor exercises, variations & challenges my YT channel (if you like).

    Thnx for your time. Best wishes & hope till soon. With kind regards, Sensei Jacky from Holland

  2. Great workouts. Not gonna lie. Although if I have to be honest, I prefer to slam the sledgehammer on the tire (and of course catch it as it bounces). Not just because of the workout. But if I'm feeling stressed out for whatever reason, I can safely swing on something without destroying property or harming someone. Great way to let out the aggression in a safe manner.

  3. Now, those squat swings………………..

  4. Skitzcunt says:

    I just bought me and my partner our first sledgehammer, went light to begin with. We’re looking forward to getting started. I like that we can smash a tyre in the back garden but if the weathers bad we just swing it around indoors. Thanks for the inspiration. X

  5. How heavy is your sledgehammer and where did you find that huge tire? How expensive was the tire?

  6. Liz Jiménez says:

    hello how much weight is the hammer you are using in this video

  7. Melissa Gaud says:

    Amazing video thanks for the variety!!

  8. I found it!!! I like so mucho squat swings ,kayakers, unbalaced plank and uneven push up!!! Around how much cost a big wheel??? Regards

  9. can you do slam or figure 8 for 15 minutes non stop? maby half an houre?

  10. I'm loving all your exercise variations in your videos. Where did you get these sledge hammers?

  11. A little hello from the north of FRANCE (LILLE) just to tell you that your videos are super rewarding !!!!!!!! Continue it's top

  12. Can u make a vid types of exercise by using barbell ?

  13. I saw an olive/pickle barrel in the background of one of your videos. Can you make a video of the barrel exercises?

  14. gave me more things to do with my sledgehammers

  15. gutoman68 says:

    Excellent, as always, and very creative movements.
    BTW, that was a great shot from inside the tire… 🙂

  16. westcorker says:

    hello from Ireland again! superb video as usual. we play a game here called Irish road bowling, (Google it!) and this workout is so perfect for that. will share it with my federation. Keep it going 😊👍

  17. Nice mix Cori! We recently switched over to steel maces, but sledgehammers are easily accessible for most people & work great too. Two more to add in would be 1) Barbarian Squats 2) Sledge Jacks

  18. awesome! I so happy you did this one. I bought a sledgehammer last spring but never got a chance to use it. Now I have some great exercises to do with it next spring/summer.
    Your videos are the best. Please keep going. And Thank you once again!

  19. Thank you for posting. Can't wait.

  20. squat swings looks like fun

  21. Azlan Zain says:

    Nice and 🆒 leggings! Some exercise look similar to clubbell. Awesome video as always 😊😊😊

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