5 min Cardio for Beginners – No Equipment Home Workout – 40 second, 20 second Intervals

This workout is for beginners and great for families that want to burn calories with a home workout. Complete up to four times for a full workout or once for a quick way to get your heart rate and metabolism going.

Jog in Place
Walking High Knees
Vertical Jump
Invisible Jump Rope
Jumping Jack

40s/20s Intervals, 1 Round

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workout for beginners.

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27 Responses

  1. Romaissa Ch says:

    Thank god I'm not the only one who end up out of breath by the end of it, I felt like I'm about to faint x)
    I don't think it's a matter of weight though, I'm 22 and my weight is about 49 or so but it wasn't easy for me because I never workout.

  2. Trashi b0i says:

    Im 15 and im rying to lose my belly fat secretly cause my family would make fun of me for trying.

    This is simple, quick and easy and i will keep doing this until i get used to it.

  3. the monster underneath my bed finally watching me workout since before quarantine: 😲👀

  4. Does anybody know how many calories this burns?

  5. Me pausing longer than 20 seconds 'cause I need longer rest hahaha

  6. Lady Linda says:

    Got to the last bit, Jumping Jacks, and my legs let me down ☹️ I’m 60 and new to exercise, but I’m going to persevere lol !

  7. Chronos says:

    It feels like this one is not recommended to do after months of quarantine not doing anything but i will definitely try to follow it since the one exercise i really wanted to follow is hard to find now as compare to before.

  8. Theater Nerd says:

    Day 1: So out of breath I can only do a little bit of each exercise without being in pain. I'm trying really hard to do this but I just hate myself for being this way.

  9. Just seeing this makes me go out of breath

  10. Wish me luck starting today 🤞

  11. Noble Ekoh says:

    Who else got sent here by their teacher

  12. Anne Alvarez says:

    It was 5 min?????? I feel like I'm dying

  13. Help_l l says:

    My legs hurts so bad lol I'm like old man and I think even the old men better than me

  14. Badelon H says:

    Wow, I just did my 1st session for this I'm almost out of air on the last part. While tying this I'm catching up my breath but thank you so much for this. I really appreciate it.

  15. The exercises are simple and very beginner friendly i would say…loved the vid❤️

  16. Taja nunyaa says:

    How many calories does this burn ?

  17. era says:

    im actually dying

  18. What a nice HIIT for total beginner like me.

  19. It's like something I needed
    I was literally bored of my previous workout , m gasping yet it was so fantastic , to begin with, bit it was something I was really in need of , excited to do it again 😀

  20. What video editor you used?

  21. Thank you for uploading this type of proper 5 minutes exercise. I really appreciate it 😌☺️

  22. Rachel S says:

    I'm disappointed by myself, it's just 5 minutes and my lazy ass was panting like a pig

  23. Perfect!! Just what i needed! I literally need 5

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