Strength Training for Women Over 40 MADE EASY!

Full body workout for women over 40. All you need are 2 pairs of dumbbells, and this workout is perfect for ALL levels. So, push play & let’s get going 👊

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⁣Tools: a pair of heavy & moderate dumbbells

1, Stationary lunge
2. Other leg
3 x 30sec

3. Chest press
4. Bicycle crunches
3x 30sec

5. Piston rows
6. Sumo squat
3 x 30sec

7. Single leg deadlift
8. Tricep extensions (behind head)
9. Other leg deadlift
10. Bicep curls
3 x 30sec

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35 Responses

  1. Sorry! From 29:4031:09 the video quality is crap. I have no idea why, my apologies. ox PJ

  2. First time doing this workout and it was great. Thank you.

  3. Krista Bauer says:

    Did this workout and am sore today. 💪🏻 Do you have any workout/video suggestions for today? Was going to do some yoga and a hi/lo walk on the treadmill.🤔
    Btw, I just found your channel yesterday! 🎉 Looking forward to more!!👍🏻💪🏻

  4. Tammy Stokes says:

    Enjoyed the workout! Challenging. Looking forward to watching myself get stronger!

  5. gaginajulie says:

    Just turned 40 and loved this workout 😅😂 so funny too thank you!

  6. How beautiful you are! I am getting back to my hard core workouts after few months of lazy-vacations LOL am 50 and pretty healthy and energetic, need to get back to my daily exercise routine! Still very active but nothing best than real exercise!

  7. Awesome loved this thank you for Jo'burg!

  8. Clare LePere says:

    First time trying your workout and I really enjoyed it! Challenging but not too easy!

  9. Elana Marie says:

    You are exactly what this 56 year old has been looking for. I have tried sooooo many. You are concise- get right to it- perfect instructions and funny! Loved this work out and can’t wait to do one every day!

  10. Great workout, I love it !!!!

  11. Stella says:

    Just found you and subscribed also on Instagram this work out really works looking forward to more of your workout's on my journey 🦋
    Love from Australia

  12. Joan MIner says:

    I am recovering from a serious accident and many surgeries and this is the best workout I've found to help my recovery.

  13. I stumbled across your page by accident and I'm so glad I did. This was a GREAT WORKOUT!

  14. My first time!! and I love it!!! thank you for a great routine!! how many times a week??

  15. Plz make the videos wd stop watch.

  16. Hey I’m new here! Nice to meet you. Let’s do this I’m ready!!!

  17. Great session !!!
    Thanks for helping me get through the COVID 19 lockdown
    Tal from Israel

  18. I really enjoyed this workout! I was looking for a good challenging full body workout to get me back on track! Excellent💪🏼

  19. You are awesome! Thank you!

  20. Lesley Nolan says:

    Loved this really worked hard feeling it already thank you 😘

  21. Thanks! That kicked my flabby butt…. but pretty soon my butt is going to kick it back. 💪😂

  22. Love that you are inspiring a lot of people!

  23. This was a good workout that would challenge people in their 20s and 30s; however, if you want more subscribers, try to lay off the cursing. Some people do work out with their children you know.

  24. Louis Luzuka says:

    This was exactly what I needed thanks pj!

  25. Louis Luzuka says:

    So happy you made this video 💯

  26. It's Me says:

    I didn’t look this good at 18. You are fitness goals. 👍🏼

  27. Loved your routine! Thankyou 👌🏻
    Work time and rest time is how long?

  28. naz bah says:

    I'm turning 31 soon nd I'll be working out with these videos it doesn't have to be just for over 40 years old people

  29. Just found your channel. I have to say I LOVE that you explain everything. When to use heavier weight, what your form for certain exercises should look/feel like, etc. It's nice and not many do it well. I always worry about correct form.

  30. Norka Calvo says:

    thank you ! “PROOF IS IN THE PUDDING”. You are lean and strong. 🦵🏻💪🏻. Appreciate Ya🙏🏻

  31. Chi Rel says:

    I love to be strong still even I'm 40 ..❤️💪

  32. Sue Holden says:

    Hi everyone! Don’t usually comment on anything but felt inspired after coming across this site. So encouraging, and I love the endless chat…….I forget I’m doing strenuous moves 😁. I’ve been doing PE with Joe since lockdown began in England (to feel close to my distant grandkids who were doing it) and have got meself jolly fit. Now I want to get stronger ……. can you recommend what weight dumbbells I should get? I can easily a lift a 2kg bottle. Thanks 😊

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