Senior Fitness – Resistance Band Exercises Full Body Workout

In this session, we are incorporating more resistance band routines into our exercise.

Resistance bands come in many weights of resistance so only use a band that you are comfortable with. If a lighter weight works better for you than always choose your comfort level.

We’re doing a full body workout today which helps with all areas of the body. We put a lot of stress and strain on our bodies throughout the week and working with resistance in our workouts helps with strengthening areas that we use the most.

Arms, legs, core, shoulders etc. are all places we can strengthen with resistance bands and not to mention, they’re fun to use!

Remember to drink lots of water, breathe and take your time with your comfort level.

Have a great workout!


Suggested for this workout:
TheraBand Resistance Bands Set –


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34 Responses

  1. Thank you for watching! Please let us know in the comments what you would like to see more of from us either in workouts or health and wellness. As always you can find us here: Thank You! – Meredith

  2. sandy jones says:

    yes I enjoyed it! Would love to see more. Thank YOU

  3. This is so efective!!
    Thanks a lot,Meredith!!

  4. Shad Sabohi says:

    Exercises are perfect,
    Thank you

  5. What a great routine!

  6. rachel Arkin says:

    This is a n excellent workout. It would be suitable for a beginner or someone more experienced. You work at your own level. Thanks so much for sharing.

  7. Meredith thank you so much for your videos… I just turned 67 and during this pandemic I put on about 40 pounds… Five weeks ago I started the keto lifestyle… And I’m down 21 pounds… I ordered my resistor bands and I’m walking about 2 miles a day but your videos are perfect while I’m at work and I have some spare time. I haven’t stretched in a long time So this is perfect thank you so much

  8. GM, Meredith! I did one of your 20 minute standing cardio workouts and it was awesome!
    Last week I only did 2 workouts. Going for 3 to 4 this week. Thanks for helping us move out of that couch! Enjoy your week. Laredo, Texas!

  9. Sharon Kaple says:

    Love this video,I'm a fan of bands and yoga in one!!

  10. Scott Evans says:

    So my wife has never been much for working out, but after showing her your video and letting her know I bought 2 sets of bands for my mom and she is going to do your exercises, my wife decided to as well! So I bought her 2 sets of bands as well. Thanks again, Meredith!

  11. Scott Evans says:

    I'm so glad I found your video, Meredith. I am a big proponent of resistance band training. That's all I do now after using weights for many years. Your routine in this video is PERFECT for my 89-year-old mom who wants to exercise at home. I am ordering her two sets of your recommended TheraBands so she can have one set untied, and another set tied. And, of course, I'm going to share your video with her. I'll let you know how she likes it. I'm sure she will!

  12. I love your work out . I fallow every day .❤️❤️

  13. rareseason says:

    Excellent full body exercise through movement with resistance. Increase resistance band difficulty as you progress. I’m 72 and active. These exercises are very useful. Thanks!

  14. Sue Fiebiger says:

    I have been searching for the perfect band exercise program and this checks all the boxes. Thank you for this!

  15. This is the third of your resistance band exercises I've tried and it is my favorite. Could you comment on the pros and cons of resistance bands vs. free weights?

  16. Rifat Ullah says:

    Thank you so much Meredith!

  17. Thank you Meredith for your video! My 90 year mother and I follow your resistance band video 2-3 times a week as part of our daily home exercise routine. My mom loves it. The pace of your routine is perfect for us and we love your positive approach to exercise! Thank you!

  18. John Doe says:

    Fantastic and thank you I’m 81 and my wife us 76 what type of band (light strong etc) do you recommend and where can I buy them.

  19. So good .❤️❤️❤️❤️

  20. As a former aerobics instructor I find your workouts extremely beneficial, instructions are great your encouragement motivating just an overall great class very thorough. Thank you!

  21. Neil Mudde says:

    Hello Meredith, hope you and yours are well…
    Still hanging in there especially being 80 and with more restrictions here in Toronto its great to be able to have you guiding me and a few of my neighbours ( not together) through these exercises, love the fact how you constantly remind me to inhale exhale, being so used to not deep breathing correctly I am amazed how I am learning how to do this as well Be Safe Be Well!

  22. Hello!! I'm recovering from knee surgery so I was looking for low impact strength training and this is perfect for me! I enjoy watching your videos and I like that I can go at my own pace while you're at your own pace. I'm hoping you can put on more videos that workout your entire body. Thank you!!!!!

  23. Excellent. Well paced and not intimidating.

  24. Mario Tomas says:

    Excellent work out. Thanks for thinking about seniors,

  25. GRINCH says:

    Great video this one was challenging thank you.

  26. Jay Reaser says:

    My wife and I are just starting to use these bands. Not si=ure how to know which color band to get for each of us. I am using black and she has light blue. I guess after using them for an exercise we can judge from there./ This is areally good looking routine to start with. Thank you for posting this.

  27. nycpaull says:

    This may sound counter-intuitive but I wondered how much text/number information could be put in the corners of the screen rather than by voice; e.g countdown of repetitions, breath in/out symbols. This leaves voice for proper hand and body position reminders. I know this involves more post production but I would love to see a demo just to see if it helps seniors.

  28. A Li says:

    This is still one of my favorites.

  29. A Li says:

    Thanks for the great workout. I just did this one while in my living room.

  30. Lordslady says:

    Please slow down, our group made up of mostly lung patients in their middle to late 60s and can not keep up with you. We have to keep stopping and starting your videos. Wonderful workout but too fast for our older lung patients and those with joint pain.

  31. I posted on another video how much longer liked your exercises and sequence. Thanks for replying.

    Just found this video and like it even more! My groups are 8-30 people at several senior living communities. The age range is 75-98! Their comprehension is much slower than a younger senior population and I had a challenge getting them all to position the panda correctly! I speak slowly and make sure they can see me and how I place the band.

    I do think this particular sequence will be more user friendly to the advanced senior. I will be testing it today with two large groups.

    A question: many seniors have shoulder impingement or pain which limits their ability to take the band often to even shoulder level! Up and overhead isn’t even a consideration. What do you suggest as an alternative to still hit the intended muscles? Now I just saw raise it to your level of comfort. Any suggestions you have are appreciated!

    I’m really glad I found your channel. Your videos are much less complicated than numerous others I’ve saved.
    Thank you!

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