Basic Beginner Introductory Easy Dumbbell Workout Exercises For Beginners At Home At The Gym

In this video we look at 8 basic beginner easy dumbbell exercises that can be done at home or in the gym and will target all of the major areas of your body, arms, legs, chest back and core. You can combine these exercises into a full body workout routine.

The exercises…
0:00 Intro/Overview
0:16 Dumbbell Side Lateral Raises
0:33 Dumbbell Squats
0:56 Dumbbell Chest Press
1:14 Dumbbell Standing Arm Curls
1:30 Dumbbell Deadlifts
1:55 Dumbbell Kickbacks
2:29 Dumbbell Rows
2:51 V Sit
3:14 How Many Sets And Repetitions?

Basic dumbbell exercises

The first exercise is side or lateral raises. From a standing position, with a slight bend at the knees, raise the dumbbells out and up away from your body to a height that is comfortable for you, then back down to the starting position. This exercise will work your delts or shoulder muscles.

The next exercise is squats. Start by standing with your feet about shoulder width apart and hold a dumbbell with both hands close to your torso. From this position, bend at the knees and lower yourself to a depth that is comfortable for you. Then raise yourself up to the standing position, keeping your heels on the ground for the entire movement. This exercise will work your quads, or muscles in the front of you thighs, and your glutes.

Next up is a chest press, which can be done lying on a bench, or lying on the ground. From this lying position, push the weights out away from your body, above your chest, and then lower them down to a depth that is comfortable to you. This exercise will work your pecks, or your chest muscles.

The next exercise is standing curls. From a standing position, with a slight bend at the knees and your arms extended, raise the dumbbells up toward your shoulders, then back down to the starting position. This exercise targets your biceps muscles in the front part of your upper arms.

Next up is dead lifts. For this exercise, stand and have a straight or slightly bent knee holding the dumbbells in front of your upper legs. From this position, bend at the waist, lowering the weights toward the ground. Focus on pushing your butt backwards and maintaining a straight back, then return to the starting position. This exercise will target your hamstrings, in the back of your upper thighs, and your glutes.

The next exercise is kickbacks. Start by bending over at the hips and have a slight bend at the knees with a straight back. Bend over to a position that is comfortable for your range of motion. Have your upper arms as close as possible to being parallel to the ground, and your lower arms at a 90 degree angle with your upper arms. From this position, extend at the elbow, pushing the dumbbells upwards behind you, again, to a position that is comfortable for your range of motion, then lower them down to the starting position. This exercise will target your triceps, in the back of your upper arms.

Next up is rows. Start by bending over at the hips and have a slight bend at the knees with a straight back. Bend over to a position that is comfortable for your range of motion holding the dumbbells with palms facing in below your torso. From this position, pull the dumbbells up toward your torso and return to the starting position. This targets your lat muscles in the middle of your back.

The next exercise is a Vsit. Start by sitting on the ground and hold a dumbbell out in front of you. From this position, raise your legs off the ground engaging your core muscles to stabilize you, and hold this position for 8 to 10 breaths. You can also do this without holding a dumbbell and progress as you get stronger. This exercise will work your core and your legs.

Do 3 sets for each of these exercises, and each set should consist of 8 to 10 repetitions. Start off using lighter weights until your targeted muscles get stronger and you get more comfortable with the movements, and you can combine these exercises into a workout routine that will hit your entire body.

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  2. kemo says:

    That is truly for beginners i saw some videos and they weren't straight to the point or even doing beginners workouts thank you for this video

  3. mv says:

    I trust this dude. I don’t why, but I just do.

    Thank you for this video though.

  4. Solid video. Straight to the point. What sort of warm up exercises would you recommend prior and after this workout?

  5. Love this but what sets or reps do you suggest

  6. The Peter says:

    This is the Best dumbell beginner guide and Its a straight to the point Thank you so much

  7. Can i do this daily? Im 16 n a half tho and a beginner lol

  8. Thank you so much dude, keep on!

  9. If you are reading the comment tell me should i start with doing the exercise 10 times and then increase 1

  10. As a beginner , this is perfect for me, Thanks! Just have one question how many days should I train a week?

  11. Blackwing says:

    Finished first day of the workout.
    Started really light but did more reps (15 per set) just so I could have more time to really make sure I am doing the exercises correctly.
    Few things kickbacks really kicked my butt. Had use the lightest of weights, they still cramped instantly, are you supposed to lift your arms as high as they go while straight or just 180 degrees?
    For rows I felt it more in the triceps than my back. I tried using my back more when pulling up but still think maybe my triceps are too weak so I can't use a heavy enough weight for the exercise to work the back correctly?
    Also dead lift took till the third olset where I really focused on my hip movement instead of trying to touch my toes to really have it feel right.
    I also added two exercises. 1-plank just extra core because I think mine is weak.
    2- wrist/forearm curls. Because they feel like they give out before my biceps or feel uncomfortable when doing exercises with heavier weights because I have hurt my wrists before being extra careful with them and building strength that might have been lost.

    I feel certainly worn out, took it slow and steady too make sure it was all correct. Took like an 1-1.5h to finish.

    As a beginner this is great and really helps me see how I have to equalize my body.
    My triceps and core muscles need serious gains while the rest is adequate, a little weak. I tried not to push myself too hard. Still sweat, still raised heartrate but I have over done it many times and it makes me skip days if I can't move my arms past 90 degrees the next four days.

  12. Robyn Jones says:

    Thanks so much for this, straight to the point and great demonstrations!

  13. Ganesh Ram says:

    Can i do squats at the last? Because i become very tired after squats and cannot proceed further.

  14. mylomania says:

    Thanks. Have got started. Could you suggest a suitable rest time between sets? All best!

  15. really helpful for beginners..end of my search..keep posting such videos..thanks

  16. mylomania says:

    Hve just bought a set of dumbbells and have been searching YT for a clearly explained routine for begginners. This is it. Thank you.

  17. Glad I came across this video, no bullshit approach. Hopefully I can get this into a routine 🙂

  18. Any guidance on dumbel weights to be used by a beginner..

  19. This is very helpful…how can I make a schedule for dumbbells only? Thank you☺️☺️

  20. How many sets for each exercise

  21. SHike says:

    Thanks, finally i found a video that's REALLY for beginners lol (the sad thing i can't do most of them, i can't do the bend-off ones due to my back disc herniation)

  22. khaled yosef says:

    thanks perfect😍❤️

  23. George Adam says:

    Thank you for keeping it simple it’s a very good beginners workout as I’m 57 years old ,I’ve currently lost 42lbs in weight and now it’s time to hit the dumbbells and build some muscle 😊

  24. Any specific exercise for losing arm fat ?

  25. thewirah1 says:

    Is it important to complete the entire series of 8 exercises with 3 reps each in one session, or is it the same If I do one exercise (all three reps) every hour instead?

  26. Prasad M.G says:

    very good demo. Nicely illustrated. Thank you so much

  27. I can't believe that all of the top search results of "beginner" dumbbell exercise videos are all padded out over 10 minute crappy videos with exercises clearly for higher level people, demonstrated by 6 pack wielding gurus. Great video!

  28. I've just started using this routine, having done nothing for years. I've realised I need different weights for different exercises – I'm doing curls, chest press, deadlift and rows with 15lb dumbbells without much effort, but other exercises need lighter weights. I'm guessing this will even out as my weaker muscles get stronger? Perhaps I need to drop the weight on my stronger exercises too?

  29. Jack Thomson says:

    Really helpful and easy to understand video, thanks!

  30. M M says:

    Ive been doing this workout for almost a month now , it simple and easy , thank you for getting me back on track 👊

  31. Awesome Simple video👌👌

  32. nice. looks amazing, going to start these exercises soon.. hope it will work!

  33. Vasco M says:

    Simple and objective 👍

  34. Lumia user says:

    Sir can i perform only one exercise in a day 3 sets of 10 reps is it ok?

  35. thanks man! finally someone keeps it simple!

  36. MaddyKoko says:

    This is perfect! Just what I was looking for. Thank you 🙂

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