20 great Tractor Tire Exercises for bootcamp or a Total-body fitness work-out

These are 20 great tractor tire fitness exercises you can use with bootcamp or one of your Total-body Work-Outs or Personal Training Sessions.
This video is made during 3 Personal Training classes i’ve had with different clients. I Share this purely for Motivational and Inspirational purposes. Please feel Free to comment. Like, subscribe and Share if you like this video and check out more of my Fitness Inspiration video’s on my account.

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45 Responses

  1. Great 👍 power packed ecxercises…trying to build a successful YouTube channel also subscribe and share with us..roadtofitn3ss

  2. C Trey says:

    I work at a tire shop

  3. BambiJesus says:

    My tractor needs a new tire, I’ll swap you?

  4. Rootatoot07 says:

    Where does one get a tire like this? How much weight? Thanks for the video.

  5. It deserves a like when it's straight to the point

  6. Juliano says:

    Farmers be like: Imma get jacked, son!

  7. Hugo Stozo says:

    Tractor Tire specs???

  8. Excelente!!!👏👏👏👏👏Rio de Janeiro .Brasil

  9. does anyone have any tips for me, I'm 14, 130lb but I'm a stick and need to put on some muscle mass and I need help doing so, pls help any tips or suggestions appreciated

  10. I been doing tires for 25 years I am 50 now and I am still doing it. I learned a couple of new exercises am half a century and I ain’t stopping until I physically or psychology can’t

  11. Damn it. And I was working out all this time tirelessly

  12. I did this for 365 days. I found it quite tiring. It was a Goodyear.

  13. Sea Mac says:

    Like so many, what is the tire info?

  14. 1:57 how i need to free myself after doing this if im alone XDDD

  15. ChancyFit says:

    Great condition and awesome workout! This is what I drink after 😎 check out this https://youtu.be/z6GAhr3hc4k what do you think??? Let’s get healthy together. Hit that subscribe button 😇

  16. Hop says:

    Not trying to be negative, but to me all but two of these exercises (the tire flip and the sledgehammer) can be better done without the tire. Again, not trying to fight with anybody.

  17. JaZZZ says:

    I came here to see how to properly flip the tire and learned 40 5th dimensional exercises revolving around that one tire

  18. Very beneficial exercise

  19. That weighted chest press gave me chills!! Poor shoulders!

  20. can i buy these tires from walmart? or accademy. i know i can buy online but i want to make sure i get the right weight i dont have a lot of upper body strength and i have back issue but i want to to build some muscles and lose weigh. i weigh 180 and i am 5'5inc

  21. DekuLevi 93 says:

    What muscle makes you strong when flipping the tire???

  22. Andrea Gjeka says:

    How big is the bigger tire

  23. hokiedokie says:

    Damn i need a fat tire

  24. Where can I get this tire, and what’s the weight/measurements?

  25. Fatih Alpay says:

    Movement technics😣😣😣god damn

  26. Oklart swe says:

    A tip. Lay the sleigh head sideways and it won't bounch as much👌

  27. A friend brought me a tire to workout with and I cannot move it. Now it Is in the lawn killing my grass….

  28. Deast3493 says:

    What are the weights of these tires and does anyone have a website where I can order some at?

  29. Emilio Mota says:

    How many calories can I burn doing "tire flips" by 30 min?

  30. What type of tire is the round one that was used for dead lifts

  31. V J says:

    Just got two tractor tyres at the weekend, I am using that amongst weights and restriction bands to make a circuit for myself and my 14 year old daughter…who says lockdown is boring ?!

  32. Sharky Xmas says:

    I'm self isolating on the farma nd I am going to get fit with these bad boys this spring

  33. One of the best tire workout videos I've seen… keep posting 💪😍
    Thank you🔥

  34. Gymlife Oreo says:

    With all the gyms closed bought a tire and a sledgehammer. Didnt know there was so much you could do with a tractor tire.

  35. Danny Montes says:

    Wow! These are great exercises! Exactly what I was looking for! Thank you👍🏽

  36. Hello, what are the size of the tires on this video?

  37. Is that the front tyre or the back tyre ?

  38. Can someone explain me how does rhis tyre training helps ? M new to this

  39. Virtuoso80 says:

    Tires also make great friends. You can talk to them about anything and they never judge.

  40. Is it good for jumper and sprintets??

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