10 Minute Real-Time Resistance Band Workout (Do It Anywhere!)

Enjoy this 10 Minute Real-Time Resistance Band Workout? In this workout we are hitting a 10 minute real-time resistance band workout. What I love about resistance band workouts is that you can literally do them anywhere.

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Whether you’re at home , the gym or like myself when I head on holiday I always bring my resistance bands with me, light , compact , easy to carry and can give you a killer workout right from your hotel room.

With the amount of exercises you can do with them and how versatile they are , the value for money is just insane

I highly recommend these Resistance band sets you can pick up from Amazon

US – https://amzn.to/2QWHIkC UK – https://amzn.to/2WS8WMV

💪Brand new 15 minute Real-time Resistance band home workout using these exercises has just been added to the channel. Check it out right here , do the workout in real-time following along with me – https://youtu.be/W7j1W5hIW5o 💪

Give the workout a try and see how you get on

Hope you enjoyed the video guys. Any questions, just drop them in the comments below. Also guys I noticed a lot of you are watching or doing the workouts and loving them and getting fantastic results. But a lot of you are also forgetting to subscribe. So make sure before you jump off to quickly hit that ✅Subscribe button✅ and turn on the notification bell📳 so you never miss a workout again 🙂

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Again If you enjoyed this workout and would like 5 FREE resistance band workouts emailed over to your daily head over to http://resistancebandworkout.club/zeus/5freeworkouts/ and start getting them now 💪

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46 Responses

  1. Zeus Fitness says:

    If you enjoyed this and would like 5 FREE resistance band workouts emailed over to your daily head over to https://resistancebandworkout.club/zeus/5freeworkouts/ and start getting them now 💪

    I absolutely love resistance bands. The ability to hit an amazing workout literally anywhere. When I am on the move or travelling these literally come with me everywhere – The value for money you get out of them is just insane. I highly recommend these sets
    US – @t UK – @t

    🔥Love todays workout? Then check our resistance band home workout youtube playlist for a collection of awesome resistance band workouts you can literally do anywhere @t

  2. David Smith says:

    You made it look really easy! Great job!

  3. I have my resistance bond,,is this effective? Pls answer me

  4. garrimic3 says:

    I started using these resistance bands to help. I have muscular dystrophy and as long as I don’t hurt myself I am staying stronger longer. Especially with my eating diet and making sure I get the actual nutrition needed.

  5. Anyone who thinks they cant build muscle with these are misguided, my largest band has a 70kg pull on max stretch, one under each foot on a shoulder press is lifting between 110 and 140kg at top of lift(depending on persons height), same with using a door anchor and pressing forward(to mimic flat/incline/decline bench press), seated rows are especially great, it feels no different to a cable machine in the gym and your body cant tell the difference, same with many tricep exercises, flys, lat pull down etc etc. If thats not enough, you can double up bands so unless you are a powerlifter type person you wont need anything else to build muscle.

  6. brightful5 says:

    Jeremy from Jersey is watching

  7. Jay Bee says:

    Good workout when I had little time. Even got a little sweat going.

  8. I'm new youtuber So please support me brother

  9. Very good exercises
    Thank you
    Please support me guys

  10. K K says:

    I have 1 but mine is to long 🤦🏽‍♂️

  11. Jack Cullen says:

    Cheers for this mate! So useful

  12. This is very good thanks alot

  13. Lurve says:

    this workout and video is awesome! its great to see a real time workout video. i watch videos because i get easily distracted and can't remember which exercise to do so to be guided through it thoroughly is so much better than struggling to follow along and watching a vid multiple times because you can't get the routine down. I also appreciated how every exercise flowed into the next one! Sometimes in these vids you are going from arms to legs to abs and you need to reconfigure your entire body with every move. This routine was easy to follow but still challenging and fun! Thank you!

  14. Donna Benson says:

    Can you post more workouts resistance bands ! Thanks

  15. Kalim S. says:

    How long do these things last before they snap?

  16. Bin Young says:

    This seems like a good video, but I can hardly understand your accent. The auto caption does not work well. It would be useful if you can add subtitles.

  17. Faruq Raji says:

    I pray who ever reads this becomes successful in life.

  18. Hellerverybody gonna showya howta get gains in minutes! Lol

  19. Thanks buddy for teaching such good exercises with resistance band..i really need this 🤜🏻🤛🏻

  20. Is whole body work out effective for muscle building?

  21. Wow good 👍👍 motivation

  22. Rowan Savage says:

    Thanks for sharing this. I am using the workout on holiday.

  23. I have mental health issues. I was attending the gym. They closed. I got resistance bands from TKMaxx and have started this routine. It’s helping get me active again. Thank you.

  24. Ina Bakran says:

    take the whole body so can see his foot

  25. Nigel Wilson says:

    do that workout
    Zeus Fitness help out thankyou

  26. Tell me ..can I do daily morning this work out..

  27. Tell me..Can I do daily morning this work out..

  28. nice intro mga lods keep it up lang mga lods godbless

  29. I just started my fitness journey and bought myself resistance bands! I’m really grateful for your video!

  30. kadir varea says:

    Kilo Almak İçin ne tüketmeliyim.?

  31. Carl Po says:

    Nice video brother! Just subscribed!

  32. BT Workout says:

    I really like your workout videos and would like to do a collab with you whenever you can. I also got my own gym clothing brand coming soon. I wanna use YouTube to help promote the brand but also to provide different workout routines for people to do even if they don’t go gym.

  33. Kate Naylor says:

    Been doing this 4 days in a row now !!! The shoulders are burning! Thank you for the workout

  34. Newbport says:

    Covid crew checking in

  35. Rick Torano says:

    I bought some bands from Livinshape already broke two in one week they said they will send me a newer version the bands weren't labeled like competitors, and the work out manual I could barely see with my glasses.

  36. Dirk Fade says:

    Hey if I do this everyday would it help my skinny fat physique? I’m 18 6’5 210 lbs around 18% body fat really trying to kill off body fat

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