10-Minute Red-Carpet Ready Dance Workout

{Presented by Samsung Galaxy Watch Active}
Feel like an A-lister after this quickie dance workout that will tone your legs, booty, and arms and leave you ready to rock any gown. Even though this workout is only 10 minutes long, you’ll be sure to get your heart rate up and Dance FitSugar host Deja Riley will be using her Samsung Galaxy Watch Active to track her progress.

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50 Responses

  1. Deja is a excellent fitness instructor. I love her energy.

  2. Good workout burned 160 calories

  3. I love deja and the way she dances

  4. Nice workout i burned 130 calories

  5. Ava Passon says:

    4:20 is now called the Airplane Flight.

  6. no one says:

    i only have a red yoga mat, is that ok? 😁😁

  7. What an amazing video! Great workout in 10 mins. Thank you for this.

  8. Zaria Stott says:

    This was great! loved the music and the graceful moves to go with! the star jumps at the end were GOLDEN! 🙂

  9. Karen Davies says:

    Loved that Deja, felt really dainty and feminine doing it for some reason

  10. This is such a good video! Everything is so aesthetically pleasing – from the music to her voice even to their outfits! Great job! 🙂 I'll be coming back to this one for sure!

  11. Pau Posadas says:

    Who else is doing this workout in quarantine?

  12. V. Aquino says:

    Really good! I love it! Greetings from Brazil!

  13. I love your workouts, I have a great time and I get an awesome workout! Even the short videos give me a sweat!

  14. hi i love this workout! how much calories would it burn?

  15. This workout is AMAZING! After I felt so good!

  16. Elle Field says:

    I love this, it makes me feel like I’m in one of those workout classes from the olden times lol

  17. Alisha G says:

    How much calories does this 10 minutes tabata will burn?

  18. svea wedis says:

    isnt that catherine waterston on the right lol

  19. Loved This Workout! Thank you So much Beautiful Women!

  20. Wow that was NOT dance at all! It was an advert for a watch and a dry set of moves with random music in the background

  21. 3 work outs in one day!! Hi this is my dauther

  22. emo alone says:

    This workout was fun gain 20 back. got surgery weight loss .try keep off.

  23. it was enjoyed this work its a exellent fitness

  24. KSoloviev says:

    One of the best workout I ever found on YouTube! Fabulous music, fantastic atmosphere, couldn't stop smiling!
    And even though it's only 10 minutes, it feels like a proper good workout!

  25. I’am 9 and I felt amazing I did this after a 30 min kick boxing class that was on this channel

  26. I’am 9 and I felt amazing I did this after a even min kick boxing class that was on this chanle

  27. AJ Malaika says:

    Now I'm red carpet ready anyone ready to invite me to the red carpet

  28. Lulu Stylez says:

    i just worked out to a 10 min long ad lol

  29. Chariz says:

    This is the first one that has helped my whole body including my arms! I really like doing this. Thanks.

  30. Shiro says:

    i love how they athrew in the advertisement for the watch in the middle.. like this wasn't rehearsed at all😂 but seriously thanks for the workout

  31. The cooldown music was so relaxing. such a good feeling.

  32. Danielle G. says:

    Great workout! I loved it!

  33. Kelly Carter says:

    theres no way their heart rates are that high with such light exercise unless they are waaay out of shape and it doesnt appear that's the case

  34. Love this training ! I am doing it with my son during lockdown period every day

  35. Graham Hobbs says:

    uuugh, WHY do you need any watch if it got a 10 min timer???????

  36. Exactly what I needed during quarantine!

  37. Shelby Nord says:

    my mom & i loved this ten minute dance so much we did it 2 days in a row! now we are confident enough to do your longer routines!! really appreciate the different levels of dancers you show to include everyone 🙂

  38. DuBossy says:

    So we're not going to discuss how they're playing elevator music for the warm up? Ok 😅

  39. OMGItzHoly1 says:

    Well done deja! Fabulous workout! I feel so refreshed! I would just like to say thank you so much to Pop sugar fitness, because if it wasn't for you, I wouldn't be able to lose 12 kgs! Love you guys!

  40. Jennifer .P says:

    I just did this workout, it was sooo fun! I’m probably gonna to this every day from right now this end 2020, and maybe further! Thank you Deja!

  41. I didn't like the adevertising popin' up all the time. It seem fake and distracting. Overall a good workout

  42. scifigrl23 says:

    Not gonna lie, just did this workout naked

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